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  1. Wow, finally nauticam annouced GX1 housing, looking good!! but bad news is, according to our local dealer the shipment date is not end of march, but delay till mid of May. could anyone confirm this?
  2. Ed, so when the GX1 housing will be ship out? can't wait to test it swee
  3. good shot!!! Ed, i want to shoot like you!! pls teach me...
  4. wow ... kinda supprise ikelite act fast on this time ... but what really supprise me is that they using such wide port for G10 ... will this mean 67mm macro lens also not possible direct mount of the port?? this also make me thinking, how come canon original port look just as same as G10 original port. can canon original port allow 28mm wide angle without causing vignette??
  5. excellent shot, jeff ... really make me want to go back anilao!!
  6. excellent shot ... typical like the reflection shot!!
  7. cool~~ like them all ... very nice try ...
  8. very interesting ... thanks for sharing
  9. nice set ... bro ... keep posting ...
  10. excellent shot ... love all of them .... keep posting ...
  11. wow ... stunning ..... really speachless ... good shot .... please post more ...
  12. then it mean you are not using the widest from the lens ... so how much gain from using the wide angle lens?? as from inon website ... UWL-100 shld able to provide 100 degree of view ...
  13. even with short port still need to zoom to eliminate the black corner??
  14. how much zoom you can do with the short port? does short port produce any dark edge when using macro lens?? hope it can do half of the zoom length, then it might solve my problem.
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