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  1. I concur. Awesome shots! I'm definitely inspired to try harder and achieve results like that.
  2. James, Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll start trying perfect my macro shots and try to enhance using editing software for the others.
  3. Did a dive off St. Thomas today and visibility was at least 100 ft. My average depth was about 65 ft., I did not use my MAGICFILTER because I knew that I would exceed the 12m recommended max depth and I have no external strobe. I tried using the evaluative white balance setting using my white swim trunks with some improvement. My shots are still coming out very blue, especially when shooting subjects are 10 ft. or more away. Are there any 800 IS users that can give me some on which settings when at depths of 40 ft. or more using ambient light? Thanks.
  4. Hello all. Just getting into U/W photography but I'm already hooked. I'm originally from the USVI so I feel right at home diving over here in PR. I'm using a Canon SD800 IS, Canon WP-DC9 housing, Ikelite tray and filters from Magic-Filters. I'm planning on getting some strobes in the future, but right now I'm trying to improve my skills using ambient light. Hope to learn a lot from other experienced members on here especially the compact users.
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