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  1. I believe the Ike site gives how many full power flashes a new strobe should provide but I doubt it is for the old style nicads. When I had a battery pack that was dying I would put it on the strobe head connected to the non-primary connection of my dual sync cable. In doing that the primary will continue to fire after the secondary (strobe connected to the cable with the red lable) dies. I can squeeze about 200 photos out of my strobes but I am using TTL so am not getting a full dump every time. Terry
  2. Welcome to the DIY forum. Having seen your 1trillion candle power DIY dive light I am sure you will have no problem with this upgrade.....and then you can do my old NiCad pack as well.
  3. Got another one? I need a second one as well. Terry
  4. I am looking to purchase an Ike #5502.41 flat port for my new Nikkor 60mm AF-S lens. Anyone got one they want to sell???? Terry
  5. I bought this new and as it turns out it doesn't fit my Nikon AF-S 60mm 2.8G- ED lens so I need to sell it to buy the correct one. My stupidity is your gain. Port is in pristine condition. Retails for $150 and I'll sell it to you for $110 including shipping. Send me a PM or email me if interested. Terry
  6. So I am confused. Are you selling the D70 or keeping the D70???? Asking price?
  7. Hey Dave! Can I send you a pack and some cash and have you do it!? Guess that wouldn't be "DIY" but I would be shipping it myself.
  8. The 'upgrade' mentioned here is for people using the old style nicad packs. I had two die on me after a year os so. Ike used to upgrade them but they aren't doing it anymore. This DIY project allows you to refurb your own non-working battery. Terry
  9. Now I am a pretty handy guy, got tons of tools and actually know how to use most of them.....that said, I can't for the life of me get the old cells out.... I am a visual kinda guy...anyone got pics? BTW: Ikes website now says they are no longer upgrading DS125 battery packs. Terry
  10. Going to Bonaire next month and sure could use a second 125 and dual sync cable. Email me if you have one layin around.
  11. So let's see the green water Allison!! I had a great time diving with you. WA rocks on a good day. As Scott says, "when the vis is low, go macro" Here is a couple from the dive. Vis inside the wreck wasnt too bad. Terry Green water looks better in B&W.
  12. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. http://img36.photobucket.com/albums/v109/d...8f6a77e8e1adffd
  13. I just got my Nikon 885 and Fantasea Pro housing. Took it out yesterday and had a hell of time. I don't have a strobe so am shooting up close macro stuff but for my settings were all wrong and my images were all blurred. Too long exposure time. What do you all recommend for a starting point for this camera? I looked at some for the 5050 and it gave me some reference bui I wanted to see if anyone is using the Nikon series and if so, how do you set it up for no strobe photos. If I missed a thread in my search, please feel free to refer me. Thanks. DM
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