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  1. Has anyone else tried the recommended Ike small dome (5503.50) with the 10-22 mm? I'm getting very soft corners. From reading all the info on these forums, I understand I need some extensions to match the optics, but I can't find any such extension on the website (Ike?). Eagerly awaiting James' report on the 8" dome to see if it improves, but Ike's website says that there's no improvement in quality. Confused, Ben 20D + Ike housing, Canon 10-22 EF-S, Tamron 28-75, Nik V yada yada yada.
  2. I'm doing a quick 4 day trip over Easter - from Hong Kong (where I'm based), Anilao and Puerto Galera in the Phillipines come up as quick, easy getaways. I've been to PG before, and found the divesites pleasant, but nothing terribly memorable other than the pygmy seahorses. Has anyone been to Anilao (or both Anilao and PG)? Any other short trips to recommend from Hong Kong? Thanks, Ben
  3. Ike came back with some quick feedback...the lens is probably a different one, but since I'm unlikely to be shooting at 75mm anyways, it should be ok. Thanks Rich and Ike for the education... Ben
  4. Robert - Photoscientific was closed this afternoon, but I did manage to find a +3 diopter for 67mm somewhere else. Anyone know if this will work? If you don't mind, please bring along your diopter just in case...worst case scenario I'll duct tape it on. I'll talk to Mr Poon and see if I can't get better service using your name as a reference! See ya in Raja hopefully! Ben
  5. Ike - point well taken and I probably wouldn't have thought of it till I hit the water. The Nexus housing is like a ton of bricks underwater - when I dive with it, I don't use any weights, even with a 5 mm wetsuit. Can't wait!
  6. Hi Robert - I'll be on the Ondina, arrival Sorong on Thursday for a 15 day trip. Thanks very much for the kind idea of bringing the 72 mm diopters. I'd take you up on it, but the Tamron's a 67 mm diameter. But let's have a beer if our boats meet up somewhere in Raja! I'll try PhotoScientific today. I've bought from them a few times before, and every time I swear I will never go back because of their rude service. But they do tend to have the stuff I need so I inevitably end up going back... Best, Ben
  7. Latest in a series of newbie type questions...I've never used zoom lenses underwater before and am a bit confused now with my new Ikelite housing. For my Tamron 28-75mm XRLD Di lens, the Ikelite website suggested the 5503.80 dome. But I've found that once it's installed, I can't zoom in all the way to 75mm, because the lens bumps into the dome at about 60mm. Did I order the wrong port? Or is it simply because no port can accomodate the entire focal range? If I didn't order the wrong one, is this because the nodal point of a zoom lens changes with focal length setting, and thus it's difficult/impossible for any single dome to be compatible with the entire focal range of the zoom lens? I.e., is the recommended dome port simply the best possible compromise for any given zoom lens? Which leads to the question: At what focal length will I not achieve sharp images? Can I zoom in until the lens hits the dome and still get reasonably sharp images? Coming from a different angle, what would happen if I house my kit 18-55 lens behind a port that's longer than optimal (i.e. one for a 10-22, the 5503.50)? It's all a little blurry right now... Thanks! Ben
  8. Matt - it looks like you and I are the first two to get the 20D housing! I've just assembled mine today. I'm still getting used to Ikelite as my only experience with SLR housings has been the Nexus for my Nikon n90s. My first impressions, both pro and con - 1) I'm no longer concerned at all about the fact Ikelite is a plastic housing. It's a VERY solid chunk of plastic and seems as bulletproof as any aluminum housing. While it doesn't fit the camera like a glove like the Nexus does the N90, it's still smaller than some metal housings. 2) I like the transparency...a lot. I like being able to inspect the o-ring after closing the housing. 3) Installing the camera is much easier than in the Nexus. No fiddling with knobs and aligning gears. Everything just falls into place. Nice! 4) I'm not comfortable yet with the port system - it seems a bit loose. I can still wiggle the port around after it's been secured. Is this normal? Both ports that I ordered wiggle a bit when installed. I do miss the screw-in method of the Nexus, which seemed more secure. 5) The housing was certainly fresh off the production line - it was covered in plastic dust left over from the machining/drilling. Took a while to wipe it all off, and I'm paranoid that some of the dust has made its way into the control glands and will cause trouble 100 feet down. Time to go to bed now - will test some shots in the bathtub tomorrow! Ben
  9. Thanks for the fast feedback everyone! I leave for Irian Jaya in a couple days, so no time to get it off ebay or from the US (B&H). The photo stores here in hong kong look at me blankly when I ask for a +4 closeup lens/diopter. I'll keep trudging around town I guess, and hope for the best.
  10. Stupid question, but where can I get a +4 diopter as recommended on Ikelite's site? This is for a Tamron 28-75 mm XR LD Di (whew!) behind a Ikelite #5503.80 dome port. "Zoom Lenses usually require addition of a +4 diopter close-up to the lens for full range operation underwater behind a dome port." I've never used a zoom lens underwater before, so have never even seen or touched a diopter. Does it screw in like a filter? Are they lens diameter specific? Are there differences between different brands? Who the heck makes them anyway? Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Ben
  11. Christmas has arrived a few weeks early in Hong Kong...many thanks to Ike for rushing a new 20D housing to me in time for my trip to Irian Jaya!!! As everyone else has ranted and raved about, Ikelite's customer support is fantastic. The housing has arrived at the dive shop, and I'm picking it up in a few hours. Now when is that 10-22 EF-S going to arrive?!?!? :? Ben 20D in Ikelite housing + DS125 + Canon 10-22 EFS + Tamron 28-75 XR LD. And a Nik V of course...not giving that yet for a while. Top notch Nexus/N90s setup for sale (see classified section)...need to raise some cash to pay Ike's bill!
  12. Just got married to a Canon shooter, and since she's got more gear than me, I'm selling my Nikon setup. :wink: (Keeping my Nik V though...) The setup includes: 1) Nexus Master housing for N90s/F90x. Excellent condition, except for a few scratches on the back of the housing. 2) Nexus WP5 dome port for 20mm - Not a scratch, perfect, as new condition. 3) Nexus MP60-5 flat port for 60mm - Not a scratch, perfect, as new condition. 4) N90s body - mechanically perfect, cosmetically a 7/10 as the rubber coating on the back is peeling off (a common, purely cosmetic problem) 5) Nikon 20 mm f 2.8 AF-D - Not a blemish, perfect, as new condition. 6) Nikon 60 mm f 2.8 micro AF-D - Not a blemish, perfect, as new condition. 7) Miscellaneous Nikon lens caps, body cap, Nikon L37C UV/haze filter, Nexus caps for the housing and ports. All for $2100 - I'm open to offers. A great setup, fantastic condition, less than a year old. Please email me at ben_kao@yahoo.com. Please see also see the listing under http://www.wetpixel.com/zClassifieds-detai...63-de-144.phtml.
  13. I've posted my Olympus 4040 UW system for sale in the Classifieds section: http://www.wetpixel.com/zClassifieds-detai...53-de-132.phtml Thanks!
  14. I've posted my Olympus 4040 UW system for sale in the Classifieds section: http://www.wetpixel.com/zClassifieds-detai...53-de-132.phtml Thanks!
  15. Just bought the newly released Canon SD300 (Ixus 40) for my wife, and waiting for the Canon U/W case. Does anyone know when/if it will be released? The Ixus 40 is a fantastic little camera by the way...didn't see much of the chromatic aberration that dpreview.com noted. Absolutely love this camera (but not as much as my new 20D!). Cheers, Ben
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