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  1. My wife is new to shooting underwater.  She is using and OMD EM1 II in a Nauticam housing.  What settings are needed to be able to shoot using the viewfinder while automatically displaying the captured image on the LCD.  Sorry for the idiotic question, but I've only ever shot a Nikon, and I'm at a loss to help her.

  2. Olympus EPL 5 MIrrorless Underwater Package, Olympus EPL-5, PT EP-10 housing for the EPL-5, and Sea & Sea YS-01 strobe. Great small package. Everything you need to get underwater. Includes 14-42 kit lens and zoom gear, focus light, tray, arms, and clamps, and fiber optic sync cord for strobe. Also included focus gear for Olympus 60mm lens (60 mm lens not included) and extra camera battery. All for $750 plus shipping.









  3. FS: 2 D200 bodies, Subal ND20 housing, FP-FC 105VR focus port for 105VR macro lens, and FP-FC60 focus port for 60mm macro lens. All in excellent condition. Includes charger and 4 batteries for D200. 2 main o-rings for housing and o-rings for ports. Serviced by Reef. Never flooded. Rinsed thoroughly after every use. Typical cosmetic wear and tear on both housing and ports but everything functioning perfectly. This is a great camera and housing that take great pictures. Located in SoCal. $1000 + shipping. Will consider shipping internationally for additional cost.














  4. This thread has been a revelation to me. I'm a Nikon shooter but planning to upgrade my wife's PEN to an EM1 II in a Nauticam housing. She's mostly interested in macro and already has the Oly 60mm so that' easy but we're taking a Banda trip this fall and I think she'd be kicking herself if she had nothing to try to shoot the hammerheads we hope to see. For someone like her, is the 12-40 the best option for someone like her? With the Nauticam dome port? Or would something else be more useful?

  5. Airport Security is a domestic sized rollaboard. It will attract attention on international flights. I would stick with the Airport International.


    If you are flying business class with Cathay, ticket agents (airport counter) will give you a tag to get an oversized bag through security. This is only an issue if you have left the airport and have to clear security. If you're just transiting in HKG, it's not a problem.

  6. We've just booked a trip to Raja Ampat from late December to early January. We want extend the trip a bit. Looking at Ambon, Lembeh, or maybe Bali. We've been to Lembeh three times and love it, but we've never been to Ambon and have never done any diving in Bali. Ambon sounds great but would cost about twice as much as Lembeh, and I'm wondering if it's worth it. And I can't quite figure out if January is a good or bad month for Ambon. I was also considering Bali as that's where we'll finish the trip and costs are pretty reasonable, but again I don't know how the diving would be in January during the rainy season. I've read all the posts I could find on Ambon but am wondering how it compares to Lembeh. Same for Bali. Any information or advice about how they compare would be greatly appreciated.

  7. $ 650 shipped CONUS. Purchased mid-December from Reef as a backup for trip to Eastern Fields. Never used. In box with all O-rings, instructions, etc.



  8. Check with Anthonys Key Resort on Roatan. We took my sons 9 & 12 for a week a few years ago. 12 yo got certified there, 9 yo did the dolphin camp and had a blast!


    We've been taking our son on liveaboards since he was 12, but as a diver. I tend to think it would get pretty boring for him if he weren't. And a bored kid is usually a problem.

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