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  1. We're there the 5th through the 12th of July, then on the Star Dancer from the 12th through the 21st.
  2. This is so true. We're doing a week at Walindi before Star Dancer because I couldn't work out back to back liveaboard trips. It's essentially the same cost per day per person for only 3 dives a day.
  3. FWIW, we're on Star Dancer beginning July 11. Would have booked an earlier trip but couldn't get away until beginning of July.
  4. I've flow Cathay to Indo but both times I was on award tickets in business and first. They didn't give us any problems, but our bags weren't particularly large, just heavy. I made a point of carrying my bag as thought it didn't weigh a thing. Did the same thing on Merpati and Lion in Indonesia and got away with it without problems. (I guess I'll be trying it again in Cairns.) The only grief was for overweight charges on our checked baggage and application of that seemed capricious to say the least. Where it was applied, lengthy bargaining brought the charges down for about $150 for the three of us to around $ 60.
  5. Got it. I'll just have to hope I get lucky. At least that's my only flight on QF.
  6. Drew, Top tier on a OneWorld carrier (AA) will get a better carryon allowance on QF? Do you try to deal with this at check-in? I have a CNS-SYD flight this summer that I'm worried about.
  7. If you split things up, I'd be interested in the viewfinder and maybe the 105 port. I'd also be interested in knowing what lenses you're selling.
  8. I've had my nose broken by a loose board in 2-3 ft shorebreak. Don't underestimate the power of a wave.
  9. Doesn't the D60 require that the lens have a focus motor? If so, the 10-17 won't work.
  10. Both Reef and Backscatter seem to have installations of the Inon viewfinder for Subal but Reef's is considerably more expensive. Any reason to choose it over the Backscatter install? http://reefphoto.com/index.php?main_page=p...5d6b45577520710 http://www.backscatter.com/HostedStore.Las...=Ascending&
  11. I have to purchase a domeport for an ND20 (thanks Loftus). For a DX camera, which dome would be preferred?
  12. Jeremy, This is very interesting to me. My work involves a lot of reading so the potential one month of reading problems following RLE makes it a non-starter. But in looking at the article, I notice it is from 2004 and yet doctors are still recommending RLE. A quick google search didn't net any more info other than on an experimental surgery developed in Colombia. Is this currently available?
  13. I've also been told that state of the art at the moment is RLE, in which the the lense is removed and an artificial lense inserted. RLE is expensive, around $3k or more per eye. Reading is problematic for up to a month as you retrain your eye to focus the new lense. Also, even lasik produces problematic results for some people, not many, but some. Like you, my distance vision is fine, and having prescription gauge readers in my mask works well.
  14. I'm shooting a Nikon rather than Canon but, fwiw, whenever I've experienced those kind of problems, it's invariably because I've screwed up the strobe settings and the strobe is firing on the pre-flash and not on the flash.
  15. When I checked with Reef, Ryan had told me that the YS-90DX wouldn't provide good performance with the TTL converter. Apparently, it's not able to successfully duplicate the series of rapid preflashes the cameras use.
  16. FWIW, I went through this a year ago. My two priorities were faster autofocus and reduced shutter lag. Of course, I was looking at the G9 rather than the G10. In the end, I settled on a DSLR because the G9 didn't offer enough improvement in those two areas for my wants. It is costly. I ended up purchasing a used D200 and housing to cut costs. There seem to be lots of deals around on last generation Nikon DSLRs and housings, but that doesn't really help you since you already have the 50D. I have to say that the elimination of shutter lag is worth every cent to me. I didn't realize how much the delay hindered me.
  17. What insurance company do you use that has Travelguard tied into it?
  18. I got one linking to an online pharmacy, so commercial spam, not a teenager.
  19. You can tape off pins on the ttl bulkhead to allow you to shoot without a converter.
  20. FWIW, we decided on Star Dancer. Reports from the last year were that both boats seemed a bit run down, but Star Dancer went into dry dock for refurbishment in January so should now be in good shape. Also, Star Dancer is supposed to be considerably more roomy. On the other hand, Febrina is supposed to be more stable if you're prone to seasickness. Allison, who posts on this board and goes to PNG every year likes both boats but I think prefers Febrina. One other note, there is currently a $500 pp discount for Star Dancer trips.
  21. I think Star Dancer was just sold. I don't know if that means the operation will change or not. If you can wait until summer, I'll try to post a trip report. We're booked on Star Dancer in July.
  22. I've been to Solomons once, on the Bilikiki. Solomons is known for huge schools of big fish, and Mary's Island had big schools of jack, but elsewhere not so much. (I was told that there had been some unusual currents/weather patterns and this perhaps caused an absence of the usual schools.) Sharks were not plentiful. There was some very good macro at certain sites. White Beach stands out in my memory. There are also beautiful passages carved in reefs and islands that would make great wide angle shots. Solomons has some very good diving, but I think PNG is better. Reefs are more impressive with more soft coral. I think PNG has better diversity. When I was last there, PNG had more sharks but that may not be true anymore. Incidentally, Virgin is also flying from Brisbane to Honiara and there's a huge airfare war on flights from the west coast to Australia with Virgin Australia providing new competition and Delta about to enter the market as well. On the other hand, if you fly via Fiji, you could stop over there and dive the Bligh Waters from the northern coast of Viti Levu.
  23. Currently showing rountrips for $ 354 AUD which is a tremendous bargain over Air Nugini. Wish I'd know about this two months ago.
  24. Golden Dawn used to travel to Kavieng. GD's schedule seems a bit uncertain lately but it would be worth an email. It's the best boat I've ever been on.
  25. Don't know your timeframe but just received an email that Peter Hughes is offering a $ 500 discount off Star Dancer trips. http://www.peterhughes.com/rates_specials....2009_stardancer
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