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  1. The Olympus E-520, 9 to 18 mm zoom and new Olympus housing are once again worthy of front page news. Cost V. image quality it will be hard to beat this combination with any other system. With more than twenty different ports from six manufacturers and an assortment of superb lenses, ideal for U/W photography this system should be a winner.


    Set for release summer of 2008 is the new Olympus PT-E05 polycarbonate, dual o-ring sealed E-520 housing.

    The housing will be equipped with dual fiber optic ports and port mount for all existing lens ports.


    A new UFL-2 strobe with fiber optic TTL control will also be released with the housing.


    Phil Rudin


    For those knowledgeable as to Olympus release history, does summer of 2008 mean June or does it likely mean September. I leave for Indonesia on July 31. My plan had been to upgrade from my 5050 to a 410 and E03, but I delayed too long. This looks even better but the timing is tight.

  2. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.. ;) I just bought an e-410. The housing will soon follow. I've found a retailier that will part with the housing for about $1100 and it includes a flat port. I guess the next thing I need to figure out is how to get it wet! :rolleyes: the housing not the camera :P Anyway, I appreciate all the feedback.


    PS..I remember a discussion about the 14-42 vs teh 14-45 lens. I can't seem to find that anywhere.


    Look toward the end of this thread.



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