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  1. I hardily agree with Marli. I have sold plenty of camera gear on here without a complaint from anyone but I have also bought plenty of used gear on Wetpixel and always got what the seller said it was in terms of product and condition. You will find that the great majority of folk on Wetpixel are quite honest. However, make sure you do your homework first and have as good an idea of what gear you want and how much it generally sells for before you pull out your wallet. If your budget is so low than hold off until you can afford what would suit you better. Good luck. Steve
  2. Since most of the trips I lead are full of photographers and videographers, when I do a fam trip to check a new boat out for their service, food and safety I am also conscious of their camera table. Is there enough room for the many to place their cams systems on safely, are their plenty of charging stations, is the crew trained to properly handle these systems when they are passed up from the water and is there enough room in the skiffs for the systems as they motor out and back. Steve
  3. Hope you post some of the shots you got. Looking forward to it. Glad you had a good trip. Steve
  4. Is it time to move DEPP discussions to the Fraud forum? Steve
  5. You obviously had as much fun as the Fur Seals did. They are always exciting to play with. Thanks for sharing. steve
  6. Beautiful colors; was much CC done? I would have held the turtle shot going overhead at 1:19-1:25 a touch longer and let it go overhead a bit before the cut. Enjoyed the whole film. Steve
  7. Hey Gina, Interested in your experience with them. Here is my trip report that was posted. Are there any similarities? http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=42090 Steve PS. Sorry Gina, just went back to the original report and saw your experience posted there and can't delete this one.
  8. I have always had one and it did save my skin with a slow leak once. As Bill stated, a detector will not help with a complete flood. Always check that the battery for the leak detector is a good one. Some people leave that battery in for so long that the battery is no good. I just lick my finger and put it on the contact. If the alarm goes off, the battery is good but testing it with a battery tester before leaving for a trip is the smarter approach Steve
  9. You can't, that would be something the moderators like Drew would have to do. Steve
  10. You said 'May not have a rinse tank", I would ask the dive center whether they bring any kind of cooler for that purpose. But if not, in my opinion, I wouldn't worry too much about that. Certainly, keeping it out of the sun during your interval is important but, if I couldn't rinse the housing between and after the dives, I would just wait until I got back to the hotel room and let it soak in the hot water of the tub for a half hour. It should be fine. Steve
  11. Received an email from someone wanting to dive in Cabo and wanted to know if I knew of any good shops down there. I don't. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks, Steve
  12. Hey Simon, Just how old is your MacPro? How much ram and what is the processor speed. I have never had to provide that much time to transcode. It just may be time for an upgrade for you. Steve PS Ken Stone told me his new iMac with Thunderbolt is lightening quick and he is using the graphics card that came with it and 15 gigs ram.
  13. Fortunately Steve, I had pictures of all the CD cases, a rolodex with each CD typed on a separate card and a notebook listing all discs as back up. They couldn't argue the number with me and that's what it came to. Of course, several of the discs were autographed to me by Etta James who recently passed away and many were audiophile discs or out of print which raised the individual costs even more. There were a bunch of other things taken as well, a gold ring, leather jacket and other stuff too long gone for me to remember. Steve
  14. About 12 years ago my home was burglarized. Over $50,000 of CDs were stolen among other things. It took forever before State Farm paid up and then as soon as it did, they cancelled my insurance. But, at least they paid. The music collection has never been the same. Steve
  15. Hey Nick, I liked it, the first time I have seen divers in video that really enhanced things due to your slo motion usage. It really provided a certain grace to it. Agree that the break between the trivially and sea snake did seem a touch too long. Steve
  16. Really very nice. The music fit perfectly. Now you will have to come here to Southern California...bring your dive gear and we'll take you out. Steve
  17. If you go to Kauii, definitely get yourself on a boat to Nihau for the monk seals. Well worth the long boat ride. If you go to the main island, all I can say is that I had a negative experience using Jacks Diving Locker which put us on a boat with a bunch on uncertified students. Steve
  18. Hey Gina, I noticed that the # of sea turtles was greatly reduced on my trip there last summer. The long liners are out in force. Steve
  19. So does anyone know what the number of teeth are supposed to represent?
  20. There is another long thread on this same topic in the Tips and Techniques forum. Perhaps they can be merged? Steve
  21. Read this article this morning and while it does not directly relate to the discussion, it talks of the value of transcoding in FCX and whether it really is necessary. I haven't done the testing this author did but it might be appropos to the other NLE's as well. http://www.macprovideo.com/hub/final-cut/f...optimized-media Steve
  22. Would like to see some examples of the shots you took with the 10-17. Since they come in pretty close, surprised that the 10-17 was too wide. It's been awhile since I've been there and didn't use a 10-17 the last time so would love to see some of your examples. Steve
  23. This really should be moved to the related thread in the General forum....http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46469 Steve
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