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  1. In the old days of the Nikonos V's picks like these were widely used. Too many accidental cuts to the o rings stopped many from using them. I am surprised you couldn't remove it with a credit card. Will look into some of the other suggestions but would never take a chance on one of those metal picks. Steve
  2. That they used to be everywhere and now are only barely coming back says something. This was just sent to me: California Department of Fish and Game News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 5, 2012 Media Contacts: Warden Patrick Foy, DFG Law Enforcement, (916) 651-2084 DFG Cites Poacher for Harvesting Giant (Black) Sea Bass A California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) warden has cited a southern California man for the illegal take of a giant (black) sea bass. Scott Andrew Carlton, 30, of Corona Del Mar was spear fishing on Friday night at approximately 7:30 p.m. at Salt Creek Beach at Dana Point in Orange County when he speared a state-protected giant sea bass, commonly called a black sea bass. A concerned citizen took a photo of the man and his catch, then notified a nearby CHP officer. The CHP detained Carlton, and notified DFG dispatch. Warden Justin Sandvig arrived and cited Carlton, who claimed ignorance of the law. Take of giant sea bass is a misdemeanor. Prior to the 1950s, large numbers of giant (black) sea bass could be found in the waters off of southern California, but most of these large creatures were harvested for their value as photographic trophies. Known for their docile behavior, the slow-moving black sea bass resides mostly near the shoreline in deep rocky environments and can grow up to 500 pounds and seven feet long. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, especially when poaching state-protected species, said Capt. Dan Sforza of DFG's Law Enforcement Division. Giant (black) sea bass are cherished by many ocean enthusiasts because of their size and docile nature.
  3. Sorry to hear about the loss. Since it is positively buoyant the chances that the currents have taken it to some exotic location are good. Hopefully, your gear is insured against this possibility. Steve
  4. Most of the time, transcoding is a simple part of the process; not a problem. For MTS files, Clipwrap does a fine job. I am not familiar with Lightworks but I know of no NLE that doesn't have its bugs and problems or wish lists for those that use them. Steve
  5. Would love that and much thanks. Will see what and when I can get away. Steve
  6. Try to make sure that anyone who is in the cage with you is not bouncing around in excitement. A bouncing cage is a pain. Since they have 3 cages in the water, I would put myself in a far corner spot so other shooters do not get in the way of my imaging. Wear a drysuit, hood and gloves. August is a bit early for Whites at Guadalupe but you should have a good time. Unfortunately, no bacon with your eggs aboard the NE. The vis is usually pretty decent there but I do not know whether the NE has started to chum again. They stopped for awhile which brought the whites going from left to right and right to left but not coming into you head first which is always a better shot imo. Steve
  7. Very peaceful film. The one place I have yet to go that is still on the bucket list is Italy. Will get there eventually. Always wanted to see Pompeii Steve
  8. Nice Nick. Have filmed all those species at one time or another. Loved the hunting shot, I always like behavior clips. I wonder just how many species there are of morays. Steve
  9. I'm surprised that the DAN insurance is not available to those in the UK and countries outside of the U.S. Yes, with DAN, I write down the items of what I want covered and their value. I don't see anything wrong or inconvenient with that. Steve
  10. Send them the url to this thread and tell them of the bad reputation they have gotten. Someone should hold a picket sign at their booth during DEMA steve
  11. I use Handbrake all the time, never a problem. Steve
  12. Don't disagree with you Gina but, 1) I could never be a vegetarian since, other than salads, I hate cooked vegetables and have always been a meat and potatoes guy. 2) I love chicken and would be happy to buy the type you suggest but when they charge $4.00 a lb as compared with 1.75 lb, my retirement pension picks the lowest price. Not every one can afford the so-called health food type stores and their prices are always significantly higher. Steve
  13. Great idea Eric. Now for my addled brain to remember the date and get on line. Steve
  14. I don't get it. How will manufactures in any country be able to ship their lithium batteries to other countries if it is prohibited. Is this the end of Duracell? Steve
  15. You just have to learn how to use your new Mac. At this point, it is not the computer, it is you. The same would occur if someone gave me a PC to use. I am PC illiterate and would be having problems as well. You will learn, you just need someone who can show you how as there are significant differences between the operation of either PC or Mac Steve
  16. Yeah, but he is clearly holding his breath. That's a no no. Great shot Steve
  17. I recall on one trip to the Phillipines..we were staying at Puerta Gallera at the time, and we went out to some site called the Boiler. (Everywhere seems to have a site named 'The Boiler') There was a Japanese couple on the skiff and they held hands throughout the dive, walking upright in the water all over the coral. I asked the divemaster later on why nothing was said and he told me that 'They were paying customers and he didn't want to risk offending them.' Sad but true Steve
  18. Nick, You've got a great voice for narration. Wish I had run into a whale shark at the rock both times I went to Thailand but that never happened. Why the 4:3 aspect ration on that one? Great footage on all Steve
  19. We used to use safety lines when doing body or evidence searches for the sheriffs dive team but then there was a very specific protocol to your diving path, it was like a clock starting at 3pm and going to 9pm. You'd then signal the tender on the land to give out another few feet of line and then back from 9 to 3 and back and forth like that. Since most of the diving was in 0ft vis, you had to feel by hand. Same thing with diving under the ice. I just can't imagine diving in the blue with a safety line like that. The metal shark suits we used to use to lure and feed the blue and mako sharks for the tourist divers here but now that industry is dead...no more sharks. Steve
  20. Now swimmers and surfers can wear magnet belts and be safe from an accidental attack? Can't wait for those human trials to begin. Who's first to try it out? Steve
  21. Unfortunately, unless they develop a truly farm raised seafood industry of sorts (and I am not even sure I understand what that is) the decline of marine life due to over fishing, long lining and shark finning will continue until there is nothing left. It won't end in my lifetime but it will come to that eventually. It is one thing for people in America or Europe to, perhaps, change their ways but in reality, the Asian countries have had their traditional diets based upon seafood for 1,000s of years. It is part of their culture and, sadly, I do not ever see that happening. When I was a writer for Asian Diver Magazine, the magazine did take an ecological approach, but that reached a very small number of people though out Asia. It will continue despite all we might protest about it. But very happy to hear that at least some of the diving liveaboards are thinking of changing their menus. Steve
  22. My best to your friend and glad you were able to get the song he hoped for. Hang in there. Steve
  23. You'll be back in the H20 before you know it. In the meantime, great shot. You got the light perfectly centered there. Got to get myself to Arizona one of these days. Steve
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