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  1. Rather than the Macbook Air, I think I would go for the 13" Macbook Pro as it would be more convenient and capable of other things. Steve
  2. Mike, This is probably far too late but my publisher, Ken Stone, is now using an iMac with Thunderbolt and he loves it. Personally, I don't think I could get used to a glossy screen but it seems he has. Steve
  3. Apple makes excellent ram but, yes, it is costly. Otherworld computing has a good reputation as well. I also recommend ram from Crucial as I have been using their ram for many years without a single issue. Another company I would recommend is Ramjet. Steve
  4. For about $25. you can get the Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark DVD which is an excellent product that will help you properly calibrate your monitor whether it is an external monitor for your editing bay, computer or home theater. It can also be gotten on Amazon. Steve
  5. For the Philippines I would definitely bring my own portable scale. I found that the scales in Manila were so far off as to be laughable if it weren't so expensive. Steve
  6. Hey Chuck, Good for your girlfriend. Too many people write off bad experiences like this thinking that when dealing with a company they will get no where. DEPP, unfortunately, has earned their bad reputation. I don't predict they will be around for too much longer. I highly recommend the gear insurance offered by DAN. Their service and responsiveness is excellent. Steve
  7. Hey Fasondo, Had a similar incident with a bear back in 1981 but no pictures. Great shots, great story. Steve
  8. People dive without cameras? I am always learning. Steve
  9. Where would the safety line from the boat be attached to the diver? I would imagine that the diver would have to be very consious of where the line was so as to avoid getting wrapped up in it as the diver turned to film one squid or another. Steve
  10. Never heard of strobes not being allowed somewhere but not being a photographer it never confronted me. Would that rule apply to a videographers lights as well? Steve
  11. I ordered a D800 for a friend. It still has not come in yet and now he wants to switch his order to a D800E. What really is the difference between the two? Steve
  12. Hey Steve, Sure I know it. I also know he can run faster and has a speedier car. That's why I'm in hiding now. Steve
  13. I seem to be getting these emails all the time. For those who are interested. Steve
  14. Yeah Eric, diving must have been only for toughest back in the 1800's when you first got into the sport. Steve
  15. Hey Guys, Do you remember the Fenzy horse collar? My friends and I used to go to the swap meet and buy them for 5 or 10. Then we would try to make them air tight with a ton of Aqua Seal. Didn't get a real BCD until 88 when I joined the Sheriffs Dive Team and they made me buy a real BC. I still have a couple of Fenzys in the garage with their little tanks as well. Steve
  16. Peter is correct. I have used and reviewed most books and DVD training discs regarding all versions of FCP and other apps from a large number of companies, and Ripple Training does produce some of the very finest discs with very high production standards. The only fault I find with most all these type of training supplements is that they work off the provided media so that you can follow the various steps as they take you through the many facets of these applications whether it is FCP, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, FCPX, Adobe or whatever. By the time you have completed everything you have a better understanding. However, you are following steps to complete different projects and you do not necessarily gain the understanding of the 'why' to these steps. I think that if you follow them, it might be best to use your own media rather than the supplied media and even then, if you go too quickly through the discs you fail to really learn the application. I'm not sure if I am really explaining myself too articulately here but these training supplements are, in my opinion, best used as a reference source to learn a specific technique that you find you need as you work on your own project. For example, if you get to, for instance, the multicam section and work through it, but you don't ordinarily do multicam projects, by the time in the distant future when you do work with a multicam scenario, you will have forgotten everything you learned regarding the lesson you worked through 10 months ago. Learn something as you need to learn something. There are many features in all NLEs that you might never need to use so learn just what you need as you need it. Steve
  17. Hi Bill, I do have a brand new charger, never used in the box. I am selling just the charger and lights wt cables. The batteries and pods would be dependent upon the housing you would use them with and those you would need to get from Light and Motion. As the ad said, best offer that is not completely insulting plus shipping which would probably be around $15. Steve
  18. Just got around to reading Tony's letter. It really is a comprehensive masterpiece. I can't recall how many times I have been asked to 'donate' video footage for 'credit' and, sorry, I don't give a darn about the credit. As Tony said, credit doesn't pay the bills. It is unfortunate that there are so many novices who are desperate to have a credit. This feeds their egos and undercuts everyone else at the same time. Wish there was a united front on this issue but, alas, that will never happen. Steve
  19. That sounds like the Sardine Run in S. Africa or just going to Gansbaii for the Great Whites, the weather can blow you out at any time. Steve
  20. These burn at 997 lumens and are in excellent condition with the proper cables. Just sitting in the drawer and don't need them. Best offer plus shipping takes them. Steve
  21. Turn your lights on and white balance then, not before. Keep in mind the distance your subject will be from you as well as an awareness of where the sun is. Each time your lighting conditions change, re-white balance. I WB upon my white fins which will always be about 4 feet from my cam. WBing on a slate in front of your port does not provide a realistic lighting condition in my opinion. Steve
  22. I was with DEPP many, many years ago when the first came out and, I believe, were also the first, other than home insurance, to back up losses of underwater gear. I had one claim with them and it also took forever to settle. I have been insured by DAN for a long time now and last year some gear was stolen at the airport. DAN couldn't have been better, they were wonderful. Steve
  23. Izzy produces some very good stuff, but, naturally, you have to pay a bit. There are also many tutorials as well as informative and helpful discussion boards at the lafcpug.org, keystone.net , 2-pop.com and other Final Cut User Groups around the country which often hold monthly meetings where you can learn and share. Steve
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