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  1. Color correction presets just give a good starting point.. you then tweak them from there. There are a ton of these applications from such companies as Red Giant, Noise Factory,DaVinci, DV Shade, Gen Arts, and far too many others to mention. There is nothing wrong with using them as a starting point, and for many, the default settings are just fine as is, but you can also adjust them to your liking. The same goes for royalty free music where you can put in or take out instrumentation, change the key, change the arrangement or even just use loops to create your own musical score. I'm really not sure what your point is here; unless it is that one can communicate directly with the composer which, for most, is not within there means, even after negotiation. Steve
  2. I have always written down 'no seafood' on any live aboard I have ever been on. Last year at the Cocos both Steve Williams and myself were always served something else. I do not know why divers insist on eating fish on board ship; maybe it is being a bit self righteous and hypocritical( I admit to enjoying a tuna sandwich every once in a while) but if anyone should be aware of the need to change culinary habits, you'd think it was divers. Steve
  3. Definitely take a boat to Niihau, it is well worth the long trip. The monk seals posed perfectly each time and there was a great drop off as well. My wife saw her first white tip there; she also dropped her weights on my head. It's always something. Steve
  4. I was there over Xmas. Pretty decent but the water was rocking. Just getting into the skiffs took acrobatic balance. steve
  5. Hey Mark, Just strolled by this forum and there you were. Hope all is well. Let's hear from you at least by the next blue moon. Steve
  6. How much for the Canon 100mm and do you have the Nauticam extension ring for it as well? Steve
  7. " Throwing butyric acid on whale flesh to decrease profitability--OK, " You are kidding right? I'm sure the whales would appreciate you throwing acid on them. And if were thrown on you how would you feel? We are talking of thinking, family oriented mammals here. Steve PS. Agree with Drew, I have never seen so much swearing and flaming as this discussion has brought out. Sorry, this is not the place for it.
  8. A fascinating thread and I have learned quite a bit. I use progressive bifocals now and have lens on my dive mask that are wonderful. I tried contact lens back in the 90's but couldn't get used to them. I would stand up in front of my classroom full of students with tears streaming down. Then when I tried to get them out, I sometimes couldn't find them and thought they floated to the back of my brain or something. Just hated them. So I thought of getting Lasik surgery as I have a stigmatism as well but was told that I would still need to wear reading glasses. My thought was 'What do I need surgery for something that I would still need glasses for as I read all the time". Then I was also told that the surgery results only lasted a few years anyway. So forget that. When will they come out with a surgery to do away with color blindness so I don't have to ask my wife to check my color corrections all the time? Never the less, great discussion here. Steve
  9. I have a great deal of royalty free music that has been sent to me for review from Footage Firm and plenty of other companies. However, my old brain finds it hard to remember what is on one disc or another and these days rarely go to that part of my music library to find a piece of audio that might fit what I am looking for. I find that using Sonic Fire Pro from Smart Sound is just considerably more convienent for me. Yep, you have to buy discs or single cuts from them as well but, once stored, it makes accessing audio so much easier and far less time consuming. I suppose with discs from Footage Firm, Music Bakery or other companies one can just import them onto their externals permanently so that they are always accessible as well, but that does take up some hard drive space. Steve
  10. These things are always interesting. Adobe is sending me their CS6 collection sometime next week and I will be interested in how it does. On another note, I recently reviewed the Accusys RAID which Adam republished here, originally on the keystone.net site. The read/write speed tests were all in the 650's or around there. What I found surprising was that in FCPX I could run 4 streams without dropped frames but in FCP7 I hit 10 streams and could have added more. It took awhile before I could figure that one out. What I've learned is that FCP 7 relies entirely on your processors and RAM for playback and I have 20 gigs of ram installed. FCPX is a totally different application. This app was written to deliver excellent performance even with smaller computers and slower (or less) processors, and, for this, it relies on the extra power of the graphics card. In order to have access to this extra horsepower Apple uses Open CL, which some consider to be a better technology than CUDA. NVIDIA cards, like the NVIDIA FX4800 card I am using, are good for CUDA but not very strong in Open CL support, thus, they are less suitable for working with FCPX. Steve
  11. But Wagsy, your or any one's results would also be dependent upon what machine you were running, how much ram, processor speed and graphics card. There are too many variables to apply your results with someone else's. Never the less, interesting results for your own testing. Steve
  12. Hey Greg, Email me, I am in San Diego and can get you past the first steps with FCPX via iChat where you can take over my computer or visa versa. It really is easy, you just need the first steps. Steve
  13. thanks for additionally posting the Sea Shepard site where I found the email address and where letters can be sent, it was clearly visible. I sent off my letter; now let's hope every one sends one. Steve
  14. You can try Adobe CS6 without having to purchase it as it is part of their new subscription service. If you like it, you can then buy it. Adobe and Final Cut Pro 7 or X(you can still get 7) are now both 64 bit so I would get as much ram installed as you can afford. Apple ram is very good but expensive. I always get the least amount of ram I can with a new computer and then buy ram from good companies like Crucial or Ramjet. For a laptop, 8 gigs, I believe is as much as you can install. Steve PS. Congrats for coming over from the dark side and getting a Mac. Remember to do your regular maintenance chores with it like regularly repairing permissions and it should last you a long time to come. Also, get the extended warranty that Apple offers.
  15. Been there twice and certainly filmed them topside. Never got lucky enough to film them swimming underwater. Great shot, congrats. Steve
  16. This was the captain of the ship that, in 2002, caught illegal shark finning boats off the Cocos Islands and Punteraneous, Costa Rica in 2002. All charges against him were then dropped but now they decided to charge him again and he was arrested in Germany for extradition to C.R. A petition of protest and more info can be found here http://www.thepetitionsite.com/663/009/291...se-paul-watson/ I signed, hopefully, you will as well. Steve
  17. Gates housings are great but I have never heard of one that could fit multiple cam models. Ask for Pam when you call Gates. She is the customer service manager and should be very helpful. Steve
  18. Much thanks for the feedback. Will look into all of them Steve
  19. Looking for a good tripod for the Nauticam housing. Any recommendations? Steve
  20. I have owned a great many housings over my lifetime, many Gates housings, a few Light and Motion Housings and my first, back in the mid 80's was a Aqua Video housing for an 8mm (not even hi-8) minolta camcorder. I have used on rare borrowing occasions an Ikelite and Amphibico. Rick Allen, a very well known and experienced shooter, also known for documenting the discovery of the Queen Annes Revenge, is a huge Amphibico advocate and claims that service from them was exceptional. The problem with housings like Ikelite is that users are frequently complaining about fogging up due to the acrylic housing. I used to be sponsored by Gates before I left them for another company. They are, without any question in my mind, the most durable and reliable of all housings. The mechanical nature can, initially be a pain, but once you get to know your own housing, all adjustments come as second nature. In hind site, one of my biggest errors was in leaving Gates. Steve
  21. Can anyone tell me where a shop carrying Nauticam Housings might be that is in the L.A,/Torrance area. Much appreciated. Steve
  22. Well Adam, here's another reason why I always have someone check my color correction and why I use the monitors and, somehow, have learned to cope. Been color blind since birth and failed your test miserably. Cool site tho. HDV...never saw anyone cause pixilation by color correcting, even badly. I suppose if you top one CC filter on top of another enough times that could cause it but have never seen it occur myself. Interesting. Steve
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