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  1. "When running some edits in full screen within FCPX quality is crap (even at 50% or 100%), but it seems it's normal :-(." I think you're mixing up 'screen size' and 'Quality". Set your screen size at the top of X to 'fit all' for your viewer. In your FCX preferences you can set the quality to either High Quality or Better Performance. On X's small viewer, you will probably not see the difference but 'better performance' works by dropping frames. This is okay just for your basic editing and viewing composites and such, but before rendering, switch to High Quality. Remember that for Color Correction it is always best to view your project on an external monitor, not your computer monitor. Several companies make good in/out boxes just for this purpose. Steve
  2. Now we know where they got the design for Arnold's Predator movie. How is that gal holding up that big of a crab and why is it not trying to take her head off. I wonder if it is a fake. Steve
  3. Really fascinating; oh to have caught that on video. Steve
  4. I had seen this video elsewhere, can't recall where. Wish I knew why beaching are so common with dolphins and wonder if naval or other marine activities mess with their echo location. Many years ago my friend and on were on an isolated beach in Mexico resting between dives and a lone dolphin beached itself right near us. He and I had a rough time turning it around and sending it back out to sea but, at the time, we both thought that it might just re beach itself somewhere else. We will never know. Other than humans, I do not believe that there is any other animal that can be suicidal so, if this is accurate, than something must be causing these beachings. Steve
  5. The problem new shooters/editors make is that they fall in love with their own footage. If they only cut it down they'd find they've produced a much better film. They also need to learn that it is ok to allow a shark or fish to swim through the frame rather than the shooter turning circles following it. There is much that could have been cut out. I became bored. The dolphin shots were pretty decent as were some of the shark clips but the WA shots of divers grabbing were poor regardless of where you stand on the issue. I have mixed opinions on shark feeds and such but have taken part in several. I don't feel terribly strong one way or the other on the issue but I have never used shark feed footage in a film; I just don't like a shots with a bunch of divers all hurky jerky all over the place. The film would never make it in any competition but there are enough decent shots that it could be cut down to. For me, I hated that techno music...it just doesn't fit any uw film I have ever seen. It might be good for some kind of industrial or commercial shoot but I would never use it unless the paying client insisted, and then it would have to be royalty free. Steve-IMHO
  6. I already own a Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI 5" monitor but really hate that I cannot put it in one of the housings. Steve
  7. Carry on carries, cam, housing, lights, batteries, chargers and everything related to shooting. Dive gear is checked. Never a problem....so far. Steve
  8. Shawn, R U ever going to disclose your secret video way to shoot there on Scuba?
  9. I love Bosch; his work is fascinating. Can stare at some of his pieces forever. Back in 77 I went to the Prada in Spain to see first hand. They wouldn't allow picture taking. Musco's work is a real craft that goes far beyond simple technical skill. Steve
  10. Very much enjoyed your video. Great manderin shots; those suckers are hard to film. Steve
  11. I was in the water outside of Phuket in 2004 when the tsunami hit. Fortunately, none of my 19 guests nor I were hurt. But one other thing that I will never forget from that 2nd trip to Thailand was being in the water and hearing the dynamiting going off. We never actually saw the explosions but sound travels well in the water and we heard it frequently and did come upon many reefs that had recently been dynamited. I have some footage somewhere of a huge live brain coral that was literally blown in half. Very disturbing to say the least. Steve
  12. I also use the metallic silver marker to mark everything, especially when on a live aboard. The silver really stands out and it doesn't seem to wear off very quickly over time. It's definitely my favorite for marking all my dive and video gear. Steve
  13. IMHO the best way to become a competent photographer or videographer doing underwater work is to first become a competent diver. This takes many dives under many different conditions. As said previously, having excellent buoyancy control and body awareness in the water is a must and probably should be learned long before you take a cam rig down with you. Have fun learning to dive first. Your OW certification should be looked at as only a learners permit to now go out and safely learn to be a competent diver. I used to tell that to my dive students back in the day just as my friends said to me "Take the OW course and then come out with us and we will teach you to dive', and they did. By the time you have that extensive diving experience under your belt both during the day and night, in good conditions and poor, you will have made dive buddy friends who are into photography or video. They will do a better job of teaching you than some silly PADI course that is there only to take a few more bucks of your money. And its not just PADI either, it appears that most of the dive agencies are creating these money making courses. First you take their advanced 'Getting your right fin wet' course and then their 'Getting your left fin wet' course. Just nonsense. You will also find that you will gain a wealth of knowledge right here on Wetpixel and it will prove to be a very valuable resource. Meanwhile, as you are learning to dive, while topside you can take a class in Photoshop or Lightroom or an editing NLE of your choice depending upon your aspirations. Then when you are ready to go in the water with a rig, you will already have the knowledge and skills to work with what you've shot. Good luck to you in your endeavors, Steve
  14. It would be interesting to see the number of posts required for the different levels of puffer fish to great white and beyond. Maybe you can post them. Would also like to understand what the number of shark teeth are supposed to represent. Steve
  15. Great, just let me know Simon. Remember, that you cannot have both FCP6 and FCPX open at the same time. Steve
  16. I always wb with my lights on and on my white fins which enables me to WB with a approximate distance of 3 feet, the same distance many of my shots are taken. If I am shooting CU work, a slate held at about 1 ft is good. Steve
  17. You just set the events and projects to your external drive and forget about it. FCPX's media management is vastly superior to any legacy FCP versions. Each time you create a new event and project for that event it will automatically go to the external you originally set FCPX to. You never have to worry about setting scratch discs again. Understanding the different concepts between legacy's projects and sequences against X's events and projects is the only real hurdle to working with X. The rest is all intuitive. You can also use Event Manager X to archive different events and projects on other drives. I use it and found it to be very reliable and there is no other app like it. http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/event...er_douglas.html Steve
  18. Hey Simon, Once you decide to play with it, let me know and we can set a date and time to go on iChat. From there I can let you take over my computer or visa versa and get you quickly started with a couple of lessons. No problem and happy to help. Steve
  19. Because debating it is half the fun Eric. My wish list for X: 1) Fix the ram leak 2) Allow the clip browser to retain in and out points 3) Permit batch capture of clips with set in and out points, now you would have to do one at a time which is maddening. 4) Give me back all my keyboard shortcuts I spent 11 years learning. 5) Allow me to resize windows and retain my custom window settings 6) Permit me to create a custom favorites folder for text or effects 7) Bring back the Boris Calligraphy text 8)Bring back my 3 way color corrector, or at least, my custom white balance button 9) All the things I can't recall just now and that I will think of as soon as I post this. 10) Show me, Drew, where Apple admits to anything they should or should not have done. That said, learning FCX has not been difficult. Now that I can use my broadcast out to an external monitor I am quite happy with most of it. If you've been editing for almost any length of time, it is really very intuitive. Steve
  20. Wetpixel will be one of the first groups to test the 5D Mark III underwater-please stay tuned to the front page. Adam What housing will you be using or do you have to wait until one is made for it? Steve
  21. Great stuff. Something I have always wished to do but living in San Diego, will probably never get the chance. Damn. steve
  22. I'm sure John E is up at NAB as we write. The cam, at that price, looks to be able to be a fantastic boon in many ways tho I am surprised at its low bit rate. A housing for it will determine how many here will jump ship. That touchscreen housing looks cool but don't know how lights would be attached and the ergonomics of that setup might be a bit awkward. This hasn't been confirmed but my publisher told me that the Canon 5D3 has a major problem with the screen passing through light to the sensor which then may provide false readings or something along those lines. Any one know of this issue? Steve
  23. Can't comment on the GH2 but would say that one shouldn't rely on their computer screen for color grading or correction purposes. This is why I always use an in/out box to an external monitor when my projects reach the CC stage. This will give you a more accurate view of your sequence when you are CCing. Steve
  24. You guys sound as if you're married or something. Verbal volley ball, What a game! Take my wife, please. Steve
  25. Glad it worked out for you. It certainly beats that sinking feeling when you think you might have lost important files. Steve
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