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  1. I have a lot of miles on my Delta card which I used to be able to use on Singapore Airlines, my favorite airline. But now Singapore Air and Delta are no longer partners and Delta doesn't go to a lot of the places I have in mind. Never been to Raja Ampat but I don't think Delta goes there or anywhere near it. Steve
  2. And what lens is recommended for macro work with the 7 D? Steve
  3. I bought and paid for Ambrosia's SnapZ Pro X and have used it constantly for screen captures as well as video captures. I have found it flawless on both my Mac Pro and MBP. I do not believe they make a PC version of it however. Steve
  4. Adding to Peter's question...what airline? Steve
  5. Really good work Nick. A great mix of different shots that all fit nicely together coupled with understated audio. Perfect for a demo real. The green of that jawfish was beautiful and the up and over shots smooth as silk. Steve
  6. As long as the housing is not closed completely so pressure doesn't build, why do you remove the o rings? Steve
  7. It looks interesting. No mention of the cost tho and who knows if a housing will be made for it. Steve
  8. You're a lucky man Dean. The strange thing is, my wife is a fast runner and should have known. Steve
  9. I'm embarrassed to say that my wife also failed this test. I couldn't believe it. Steve
  10. I was at a photo shop yesterday where a Canon rep was giving a presentation. A few weeks before that the shop called me up with a problem. It appeared that a woman had somehow lost all the files on her card and the shop wasn't able to recover them. I told them of the software I had just tested and linked in a prior post of this thread. Yesterday, while there, I asked the owner if he had gotten the PC version of the software and he said that he had and that it worked and all was well. Not sure what they had tried to use that had failed to do the job but glad to hear that it recovered the gal's files. I just hope I never have to use it for real. Steve
  11. Hi Benjamin, Sorry not to have gotten back to you but I never received notification of your reply and I failed to check. While I have shipped many things to France, the UK, Australia without issues and have used Paypal before, I am really interested in selling the complete system and not just single out the Standard L& M lens. Steve
  12. You are selling the viewfinder but not the installation kit to attach it? Is my understanding correct? steve
  13. What kind of lights are those? Any specs on them? Steve
  14. This is a large and advanced set of a myrid number of filters, transitions and other effects. All manuals and discs are in perfect condition and have not been out of the box in years. I really have no need for them. I know Boris has updated the versions but this version was just fine should anyone have a use for it. PM me if interested. Steve
  15. I have never needed to use them. They are used by shooters who use acyrlic housings from Equinox, Ikelight, GoPro and similarly constructed housings primarily because these housings tend to have condensation built up in them when going from warm climates into colder waters. Housings from Gates, Amphibico and L &M do not have these type issues as they are all metal. This doesn't mean that you can bring them into an air conditioned environment and then immediately jump in the water with them however. Steve
  16. Both videos are just too hysterical. Has de-evolution begun already?
  17. Really gorgous footage; look forward to the full production. Steve
  18. Simon, Clipwrap will also transcode if you set it to do so. Steve
  19. Glad to help. You will find it bug free and very stable. There are two versions, one for Mac and another for PC. FREE is always good. Here you go, http://www.squared5.com/ Here is a tutorial for another piece of software which will also convert clips, tho not MTS. http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/videos/get...tm_medium=email Steve
  20. Cressidiver For those files, the free MPEG Streamclip does a great job of transcoding to which ever codec you want to use. And it is free, it just does't work with MTS files. Steve
  21. Real Drew is correct tho the Canon and Nikon DSLRs do not produce MTS video files so, in their case, ClipWrap is not needed. However, for your cams MTS files, ClipWrap definitely does the job. Here is a review of it from last year http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/clipwrap_douglas.html Steve
  22. Spoke to my contact at a major store back East in N.Y. He said there is a long waiting list for the D 800 and that Nikon has placed a restricted price on it, meaning they can't raise or lower the $2995.00 price for bargaining purposes. Don't know if it is true or not but was also told that Nikon is planning on raising the price as well in the near future so, if you want one, get it now. Steve
  23. Really don't know where it was shot, maybe SA. There has been much speculation regarding these type beachings and the finger gets pointed in all directions. I know that recent reports of military testing at sea might interfere with their echo location but I have no idea as to the truth of the matter. I was with a friend once in Mexico doing some diving many years ago. At one point we were relaxing on the beach when a lone dolphin tried to beach itself. He and I went to it and turned it around with some difficulty and we finally got it going but will never know if it just turned around somewhere else and beached itself again. It is always a sad thing to see but these things have probably gone on for a millennia. Steve
  24. Lousy resolution but certainly worth watching....http://elcomercio.pe/player/1384898 steve
  25. A funny joke, the soundtrack certainly enhances the storyline but completely unbelievable. It reminds me of the episode of SeaHunt where Lloyd Bridges is fighting to the death with a deadly, man-eating guitar fish. One of the funniest episodes of the series. Nicely edited though and creative in its own way. Steve
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