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  1. Yeah, the housing for that should be good to 38,000 feet...just like GoPros.
  2. Though you do not say which version of FCP you are using. If you were editing off the card, that was a big no no. Always transfer all your media files on the card to a folder or direct to your scratch discs, which should be on your external drive. Assuming I am wrong, and you did it properly, log and transferred your media to your scratch discs which should have been on your external, deleting them from your boot drive should not have had anything to do with the media now gone missing. Perhaps you didn't name the folder and you are looking in the wrong place? Have you already erased and reformatted your card? If not, the footage should still be on it for you to download again. Oh well, here is a recent review I wrote, http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/proso...ue_douglas.html It does work but takes a very long time. I would use it on your boot drive first since that is where you say you first copied it to. Then you can try it on your external. Remember that any media not backed up at least 3 times is not backed up at all. Steve
  3. Hey Simon, Of course you didn't know I was talking about X, how could you, it was only the title of the post. It must be all that lager you guys are constantly downing with your fish and chips. Actually, I am very glad that I have forced myself to move out of the box and learn X. There is a lot to like but it still can be a bit buggy. Almost all major 3rd party companies have updated their plug ins for it. Of course, I do have my favorites. We are hoping that Apple will enable us to create a Favorites folder for custom fx, filters and transitions and they are aware of the animated text render losses so looking for the next update. Aja and Matrox both have come out with in/out drivers for external monitoring but everything I hear is that there are issues with the drivers so, as much as I can't wait to use my external monitor with X, I am holding off the install until I know that all is well. Same thing with the new CS6 software, told the company that I really didn't want the betas. I can wait. Enjoy your pub as you celebrate your winning ways. ;-) Steve
  4. It might be in the wrong forum but you have to watch this. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-12618167 Steve
  5. Hey Simon, FC6 or 7 have nothing to do with issues affecting FCX but because 6 & 7 are 32 bit, rendering always took a longer time, especially with the higher grade codecs we work with today. Apparently, for my issue, the problem lies with animated text effects and not the straight text. I was told today that Apple is aware of the issue in X. Some have noticed slower render speeds in 10.0.3 than there were in the initial release of X.0 but others have not seen slower renders. It does seem to vary day to day with me on that score. Steve
  6. I have noticed that the renders always seem to get lost when it has text involved on top of the primary layer. Has anyone figured out a good work around for this. Renders on clips with CC don't get dumped, it just appears to happen with text layers. Rendering has really slowed down in the update I have noticed as well. Steve
  7. Yes, it certainly was buried in todays paper. I am sure Mr. Cameron took quite a bit of film and photos and hope images will be released soon. I also wonder why his expected 6 hour downtime was cut to a little more than 3 hours. Steve
  8. I have used these folk for many years and paid to have lens put in my mask at reasonable costs. Linda Young is usually at the DEMA show with a booth but if you can't wait that long, I do recommend them. http://www.prescriptiondivemasks.com/ Steve
  9. Will these apps work on an external monitor as well if using an I/O box like the MXO2, AJA or Black Magic Design I/Os or are they just for a computer monitor? Steve
  10. Hey Mike, Does the glossy screen bother you? Steve
  11. BTS will eventually put up the winning photos and videos on their website. Steve
  12. There appears to be a new star on the scene. Once again, great footage fro EunJae. I wonder just how many of the hatchlings actually survive. Steve
  13. Simon, Mike Boom and Walter Marti seem to enter everything; and they always win. Congrats to all of them. And congrats to the photo guys as well. Steve
  14. Are refurbished lens to be trusted? Anyone with past experience on this type of lens situation? Just went to your link. It appears that several of the lens are already out of stock. Steve
  15. So they have the right to sell your photos without compensation to you. An incredible rip off and I hope you wrote them and told them so. Also, beware of video footage houses. While a 50/50 split for royalty free footage appears to be the norm, beware of initial "SET UP" fees. I just received an email this morning saying that $1300.00 of my footage was sold and they were going to send me a check for $195 because of a buried in small print, one time 'set up fee'. Called them, cancelled my footage and take this as a lesson to be learned. Just wish lessons weren't so hard to swallow sometimes. Steve
  16. When calibrating I would suggest that all lights in the room be off. I have my monitor tell me to recalibrate every 200 hours, but just as important, if you are using an external monitor for color correction purposes, is to have it calibrated as well once a burn in time of at least 150 hours has passed. Same thing for home theater monitors. Steve
  17. Guess you had some currents there Eric. Some of those clips had some gorgeous color. Most unusual music track I have ever heard you use. Nice job Steve
  18. funny as hell Adam, great little film. My wife is Canadian and she knew where the U.S. was when she snuck down here illegally before I could get her legal status. Now that she's here she never wants to go back except to either visit relatives or get away from me for her own sanity. Canadians do say 'eh' an awful lot though. Wonder where that comes from. Steve
  19. For underwater shooting, avoid filming in auto focus as much as possible, especially so for wide angle shots as the iris will tend to go in and out of focus as you try to film that shark coming at you from a distance. Lighting is most important. I find that for close up work I lower the lumens power on my lights to below 1000 and often down to about 500 lumens as, for macro, you can easily blow out your subject. Know that underwater, even the best video lights have a limited throw so even 2 or 3,000 lumens will only throw about 5 ft. Your depth is also a determining factor which is why manual white balance is so important for each time that your lighting conditions change and where the sun may be in the sky. In only 18ft of water, with the sun bright and behind you, you may not need to use your lights at all as there is a minimum of color loss at such a shallow depth. Steve
  20. Really beautiful footage there EunJae, congrats. Never saw those shrimp any of the times I've been to Lembeh. Guess I will have to go back. As Nick said, really tall rig, did that get much getting used to in so far as using the monitor? Loved the music as well. Great stuff Steve
  21. Hi Chris, A sincere welcome to Wetpixel. You'll find a wealth of information here and find that the Wetpixel community is, usually, most supportive. I already respect your abilities as a shooter but there are many things to consider before venturing into the world of underwater videography or photography. The first, and possibly the most important consideration is to evaluate honestly how prepared you are as a diver. If you are new to diving or haven't been in the water in a few years, than, for now, it is highly possible that getting into underwater videography or photography is not for you at this time. The new diver's time is much better spent mastering the diving skills that will make him/her a great videographer and diver. It is imperative that the budding diving videographer be completely comfortable in the water, and has a full and objective knowledge of his own skills and limitations. Ego under the water can lead to injury or a death sentence later on, maybe not now or tomorrow, but eventually. Buoyancy control, the ability to hover over, under or by an object in the water, regardless of a specific depth in relationship to your subject might just be the most important skill that all divers, videographers, photographers or not, must learn. The mastering of this skill cannot be overly emphasized. As a brand new diver you are probably still trying to practice maintaining buoyancy control, which can easily be affected by personal weighting, tank type, aluminum or steel, equipment being used, and dive conditions. That is a lot to deal with for a new or inexperienced scuba diver. Now imagine also trying to focus your attention on that $3,600 camcorder stuffed into that $4,100.00 housing with those $2,000 lights attached by the $400 light arms. If you accidentally drop the system while reaching for your high-pressure inflator hose, you can very likely kiss the entire system goodbye and hope your home owners insurance will cover it. If you recognize in yourself that you are still at the stage where you frequently go to your inflator hose to change depth, if you have trouble maintaining a horizontal posture in the water and if you haven't yet learned to use breath control as a means to affect buoyancy than play it safe. Practice and master these skills until you and they become second nature before risking your hard earned money and equipment. Diving in a pool or swimming hole is not the same as diving in the open ocean with its currents and unpredictable nature. That said, underwater filming is an exciting and creative endeavor. If I were you I would advise you not to purchase anything at this point. By the time you have mastered your diving skills there will probably be new cams, new housings and new technology that you will be able to take advantage of then. And then, since you are already an accomplished and knowledgeable shooter, you will have a big step up on many others who have gotten to the point where they then want to shoot video and photos. I don't want to discourage you from either learning to dive or film underwater. Just do it smart and you'll be happy.....and safe. Steve
  22. Everyone has made their point so I won't belabor it. Do not use your UR filter above 30ft and you will avoid the red saturation. Use lights, white balanced, below that depth.
  23. A 45 second opening shot, even the creative rotation of it, was way too long imo. Some real color problems especially in the shallow areas probably due to your UR filter and grabbing of the sea snakes by their tails is really considered harassement and should be avoided. There seemed to be plenty of them around so grabbing them should have been completely unnecessary. Steve
  24. When I was shooting with a L & M housing, for macro work I removed the Fathoms port and put on the standard port with the Wet lens attached to that. While I had to zoom in a bit to avoid the vignetting that would occur if the cam was fully zoomed out, I found that using the wet lens did a fine job of getting a tight shot. Steve
  25. Would love to film a Great Hammerhead, never even seen one. A ton of scalloped hammers though. Steve
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