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  1. I am selling a new, in the box NVIDIA 4000 graphics card for the Mac Pro. It has never been used or installed. If you are working with a lot of compositing effects in Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro you will see your speeds increase dramatically with this hi end graphics card. PM me if interested. Steve
  2. Eric, I have found that insurance rates can be adjusted because of diving depending upon whether you declare yourself as a professional making money from it. If you are a diving business than rates may go up. I had the same problem when I was a skydiving instructor back East but just told them that I didn't make my living from it, just some extra cash. The agent put it down as a hobby and my rates stayed the same. That goes for equipment insurance from your homeowners policy as well. Steve
  3. I did a film like this many years ago called Satan's Servants. Several shooters, whose opinions I respected, didn't like it for being 'over the top' and too much doom and gloom as Simon says. But sometimes you just have to stick to your own vision and put it out anyway. I agree with what Simon had to say, but at least it was cathartic for you and serves a purpose. Steve
  4. Hey Simon, I'm far too young to be this old. Steve
  5. Hey Simon, Hate to say it to you guy, but, on this, I have to disagree. I thought the grading emphasized the 'street' feel of a dark, wet night. Of course, I realize that in the UK you only have townships and the like and not real cities like N.Y., but I thought the film was great. Steve
  6. Apparently with this new version I am wrong about having to drag the FC and Compressor icons to the trash. You no longer have to do that before installing. Steve Wrong again, went to download them to my laptop without having to bring them first to the trash. Didn't work this time so I trashed them first and then downloaded. Since it works for some one way and others, another, I interpret that to a bug in their installers.
  7. Both Red Giant Looks and Gen Arts Sapphire Edge have released updated plug ins for X. Drew, as I said, Intelligent Media is aware of certain issues with 7toX and they are working on an update/fix. Steve
  8. What camcorder are you hoping to use in it? Steve
  9. Just got off the phone with Intelligent Media and apparantely there are some bugs in the 7toX that beta testers did not find. They are still working on it and I will try to keep people posted on this. In the meantime, for anyone using X, their Event Manager X will be a must have as you build your event and project libraries up in number. Very impressed with it. Steve
  10. The compressor update should be in your new downloads page in the App Store. Drag your Compressor icon out of the apps folder into the trash and then download it. Once completed you can then empty the trash. Surprised you don't see it there though as that is how these downloads now work. Been on Lion for 2 days now and hate what it did to Mail and still trying to figure out some of the new things in Safari. Think the new App Launcher is pretty cool but this Mission Control gizmo seems like a waste. Steve
  11. I had no problems with either the Lion download or the updated X and Compressor downloads. Have not tried the 7-X yet but will. Right now I am testing the Event Manager also by the same company and it appears to work just fine. Steve
  12. If you have not updated to the Lion OS, you will need to do so to take advantage of some of the new features in the latest FCP update. Steve
  13. Probably H.S. kids doing a science project presentation. As a former school teacher, they'd have gotten an A from me. And yeah, 15, 16 year old kids don't know much about royalty law but as Wags said, for a good cause and great creativity.
  14. Some of us might be missing the point here. There are those who can not afford to go on regular dive trips period. They just can't quit their jobs and get a higher paying job. That is not practical or realistic. So now they save, and save, and save, to finally be able to go on their 'trip of a lifetime'. They worked hard for this vacation and deserve to go. Now they go, get good service and have a fine time. They worked hard and deserved the trip. However, for a couple, paying another grand in a tip may well be beyond their capabilities. They should tip what they can afford, period. For some that tip will be large and for the others it might be smaller but large to them on their limited income. Remember that this thread was started by my conversation with several crew people from different boats around the world who made the observation that only Americans really tip anyway. Now that is a blanket statement and we all know that is not true of every Asian or European but are Americans supposed to pay and make up for the lack of European and Asian tips? Steve
  15. Loftus,, You should know that some things, like death, taxes and my wife's constant shopping never end. Steve
  16. Wow, still the longest running active thread in Wetpixel history! Unfortunately, there is the assumption that all divers who go on these trips are so wealthy that they can afford the 15% of a trips total cost not including the outrageous cost of airline fees and extra baggage tallies. It reminds me of the time I was in S. Africa many years ago and someone there asked me whether it was true that New York streets were paved with gold. While the crews on these live aboards do work hard and receive salaries that pale in comparison to most American and European incomes, their salaries are higher in ratio to their own countries normal salaries and thus, they earn a good living for the country they are living in. Then add the tips and they do ok. What they don't understand is that, for many, divers might save up for years to go on these vacation trips and that 15% of a $4500. trip is beyond their own income and savings. Sure, if you earn big money maybe you can afford to tip that big but that is not the case for probably the majority. Do most crews deserve a good tip, absolutely, but one has to be pragmatic about what they can afford and not stretch their own boundaries out of guilt. Tip what you can afford to tip and don't worry about it. Steve
  17. Been a long time since I have been there. Didn't know there was such a thing but Happy Aussie Day to all. Steve
  18. Thanks Nick for the correction and confirmation. Steve
  19. Does anyone know the formula when using Mb in use with MB for speed conversions? I believe that it takes 8Mb's to equal 1MB. Is this correct? Pro Res runs at 145Mbps(1920x1080 at 60i.) Therefore, would 145Mb/s be the same as 18.125MB/s? (145 divided by 8) Always found this to be somewhat confusing. Steve
  20. I was on a Fam at the time and the boat they were using to get to Apo Island was broken or some other such excuse. Unfortunately, we never got to go to Apo. Very nice shots you have there. Steve
  21. Hey Allison, Does that big yacht you dive off of even fit in the Cove? Will expect an invite. Steve
  22. Beautiful lighting and color. Especially liked your clips of the jelly and first swimming octo. Super nice, damn, better get back to diving. Been out of the water too long. Steve
  23. Just thought to share some of the dive boats and conditions we in San Diego have to put up with. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=T4FIS1FnOQg
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