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  1. I was wondering. If someone already owned one of the monitors, would it be possible to get the housing for it separately? Steve
  2. Fascinating Nick, thanks for putting this one up. I laughed at the one system he called light as a crew member was carrying it from one part of the set to the other. Steve
  3. You don't say what housing you are using. The Gates and L&M housings rarely, if ever, have a fogging issue. Ikelite, Equinox and housing made from those materials do. Aside from the silica insert, avoid bringing your housing into an air conditioned room as that will certainly create an issue for you. Steve
  4. I might spell them wrong but I dove Dumegetti, which had a great variety of macro, and a short hop to a near by Apo island . The people were super nice and the diving excellent. I also dove Puerta Gallera. I was a bit disappointed in the diving when I was there but have heard from others that they had a great trip. So its like anything, some times are better than other times. Puerta Gallera is a very small town and it is hard to walk a few feet without being stopped by a hooker seeking a chance to earn some of your money. I'm too cheap. I stayed at the Atlantis resort and found the food and amenities to be excellent. Steve
  5. You would think that for the high cost of these lens' that Light and Motion would supply a proper cover like Gates housings do. Steve
  6. Some very nice imaging in this. Been to a few places in the Philippines but never Anilao. Heard only good things about the diving there. Is it still as rustic as I heard it was as far as the accommodations? Steve
  7. John, I agree with you completely. You were just more concise than I. It can HELP tell a story and enhance the experience....but, you still need a good story and not FX for FX's sake. Haven't seen Hugo yet but I am really waiting for the Holographic room to come to pass before I am too old to enjoy it. Ah, a holographic Emily Deschanel in my future. I would bet Simon and Dean B are waiting for their own version as well. Steve
  8. Hey Simon, "If you build it, they will come", the only problem is that no film other than Avatar in 3D has been much good. Sure, I guess 3D cartoons might be cool but they haven't converted Finding Nemo or Shark Tales to 3D yet. In order for 3D to be accepted by the masses they have to film movies in 3D that are good. They haven't done this though, so you may be right in that interest has declined. As soon as they come out with a decent movie in 3D, audiences will come back. Remember that a story has to be good, characters with depth, etc first. The 3D will only enhance the experience of what would be a good 2D movie. I keep thinking of those Transformer movies which bored the hell out of me. I think they are a good example. If a movie is nothing but and about effects, you don't really have much of a movie. You still need all the qualities of good plot lines and characterizations first and then the FX enhances that. When I saw Avatar in 3D the first time it felt like I was witnessing an epiphany in history despite the simple storyline and obvious analogies to historical events. Sadly, they have not produced anything near that quality since. Steve
  9. Now why didn't I think of this? http://vimeo.com/34340906 [vimeo]34340906[/vimeo] Steve
  10. Hey Don, Would have loved to do that dive; no caves in San Diego so never got certified but am envious. Loved your opening use of the texture and text for your credits. Some vignetting issues in the video and a lack of hard detail is some areas that may be due to the way it was encoded and compressed. Lighting seemed fine to me. Steve
  11. Here's an old article I wrote but it applies to your system as well. Hope it helps. http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/o_rings_douglas.html Steve
  12. Been there only twice, the last time was in the water outside of Phuket when the Tsunami hit in 2004. Both times, I never had a problem in terms of luggage, gear or carry ons. Steve
  13. I'd like to know if the owners took the responsibility to reimburse the guests for their trip expenses and loss of gear, cams and clothing items as they should. Steve
  14. Hope you send your report to both the resort and the boat. The only way for them to improve is sometimes to be told what to improve. Good report, thanks. Steve
  15. But Eric, have you seen much of a qualitative difference? Steve
  16. I have the Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI 5 and would love to be able to put it in a housing for the Nauticam. Guess I am out of luck. Steve
  17. That's an outdoor monitor for topside work. I have the 5" version and it is quite good but would be nice to have one that was for underwater work like the Nauticam. Steve
  18. Welcome Henrik, Yeah there can be a lot of humor going on here but it is also a great place to learn, pick up new info and gear as well as help others by sharing your own knowledge and experiences. Good to be back, eh? Steve
  19. Thanks for the info Adam. I wonder why DAN Europe doesn't also offer insurance, aren't the DAN US and DAN Europe just two branches of the same DAN organization? Steve
  20. Yes, my cam gear is covered by DAN insurance and when I had a flood many years ago they took care of it right away. Depp is known for taking forever to settle claims and then they only replace your gear with the same piece so if your camera was 4 years old and, if given the chance, you would move up to a newer model, they won't send a check. Somehow, they would locate the same model you had and send you that. I was with them a long time ago and was not happy. Very much so tho with DAN insurance. Steve
  21. You can find it in iTunes under Podcasts. But here is another link I found...http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/divefilm-hd-video-hd/id214353624 Steve
  22. For those who haven't seen Simon's short film on Dive Films 'Solstice', I urge you to do so. My one trip to Scotland's Scapa Flow in the mid 90's was the worst trip I have ever taken but wherever in Scotland Simon was, he must have been having a happy ending with each dive. Incredible basking shark footage. Have to hire a Brit to narrate my next film. Congrats Simon Steve
  23. Why such a huge color difference of the same subject between the two monitors shown? Steve
  24. I must have read the wrong entry fee for a different festival. There is none for this one. My apologies. Steve
  25. Back in the early 90's my dive shop was the first BSAC shop in the U.S. and myself and the other two owners were the first BSAC Advanced Instructors in the States. Haven't instructed in many years but Eric Cheng was originally one of my students and so was certified by BSAC. Not even sure whether I am still a member or not, probably been dropped. Hope BSAC doesn't go the way of Padi though. I hear they are coming out with two new certifications. The first is called ' Padi's Get Your Left Fin Wet" the second is 'Get Your Right Fin Wet" to be followed by their advanced class ' Get both fins wet...At the Same Time". Ah Padi, anything for the money. Steve
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