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  1. Its not the LANC thats the issue, its where the controls line up and the distance from the lens to the port. Other factors as well but these are the top 2 Steve
  2. Don't know how to delete this thread but the system has been SOLD.
  3. I have already contacted them. Don't know when the distribution will start for reviewers but will keep up on it. I do know that the HERO2 was a big improvement over the original. That review was published here on Wetpixel and the FCP sites very recently. Steve
  4. That's some decent footage, even for a heavily worked promo. Looking forward to getting my hands on it. Steve
  5. Unfortunately Davide, because each camcorder has their controls and such on different places of the cam body, each housing is made for a specific cam and that is all. There have been exceptions..both the Z1 and the FX1 used the same housing as did the Sony A1-U and HC-1. However, I know of no other hi end housings like Amphibico and Gates or, for that matter, L & M whose housings are made for multiple cams. On the much less expensive housing market, I believe Equinox housings can be used for different models of cams and, I am guessing here, maybe Ikelite housings. But your friend's issue is not that he wants a different housing but a different cam that will fit in his current housing. Afraid he is completely out of luck Steve
  6. All this just in time for the new HERO3 to come out. I got the ad for it this morning. Steve
  7. Have decided to include the Tokina 10-17 and extension ring. Everything for $6100.00 Steve
  8. What are your suggested settings using Pro Tools in the Hero2? In the Cineform Studio itself, vers. 1.3, once I import a clip with step 1, should I hit the step 2 edit tab, the canvas goes black so any of the editing tools cannot be used. What am I doing wrong? I'm stumped. Steve
  9. Is this an update found in their Cineform Studio software or a separate app? Steve
  10. I wonder if a 'rolling shutter' filter might fix the issue in the footage. I tend to doubt it but it would be worth the experiment.
  11. This is one I have never seen before. R4e presents a good explanation..thanks. Always learniing Steve
  12. Anyone ever read Stuart Chase's 'How to Lie with Statistics'? I did in '69 and never forgot it. Though some studies do not agree with eachother nor come to the same conclusions, I, never the less, have no reason to doubt Eric's research. -Steve
  13. I would have to disagree with you on this Davide. Underwater, and especially for wide angle shots into the blue, the iris can easily be fooled when shooting auto focus. This can force the clip to go in and out of focus because the cam doesn't quite know whether to focus on the shark in the distance or the blue water. Thus, manual focus has always been the better way to go. Actually, the only time I might use auto focus is for macro work where the lens does a better job than my old eyes. Steve
  14. This just came out...haven't watched it yet. http://www.moviemachine.tv/video/cinematographer-john-brawley:-impressions-of-the-blackmagic-cinema-camera/50294308/
  15. No, it comes with the other lens but we can work out a deal for the 10-17 and the extension ring for it. My home email is: steve-sharksdelight@cox.net Steve
  16. Haven't decided yet Steve. Hope you are getting back into shape and are feeling well. Steve
  17. Much thanks and I will pass this information on. Steve
  18. Nauticam Housing for Canon 7D Sea & Sea 8" dome port with shade (and cover), with locking extension ring/zoom gear for the Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens Canon 7D with EF-S 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS lens Kit (in original packaging with software, and warranty card, everything; lens never used) 10-22mm lens (original packaging and warranty card) I also have a Tokina 10-17 with extension ring/zoom gear for this housing. Asking $5600 All in mint shape. Steve
  19. Hey Mark, Great to hear you're doing well and congrats on the upcoming addition to your family. There has been much talk about Black Magics new cam. I have spoken to John E over at Gates and there are no plans for a housing and I doubt that L & M or Amphibico will be coming out with one so you might have a corner on the market for it. You have my email so stay in touch and keep me up to date and in the loop as your R & D for it develop. Steve
  20. I had no idea until I stumbled on this thread. Guess I have been out of touch lately. Both Ron and Valerie were and are unchallenged pioneers. RIP Steve
  21. You had me from the opening shot, the snorkeler in the upper left seemed infinitesimal; it made for a magnificant composition. However, I am now discouraged because I could never afford a Red One or anything that is in that price category. Just can't compete with such quality. Great shots all around. Steve
  22. Beautiful color resolution. Was much CC done? Steve
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