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  1. Hey Mike, Smiles must have been around everywhere. Great stuff! I notice that all the whale sharks appear to be in the 25-30 ft range which makes them pretty young. Did you have any full grown adults on this trip? What live aboard where you on? Steve
  2. Wow, I just noticed that it has been 4 years since I wrote this. Never the less, it should explain the process to you. Hope it helps. http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/o_rings_douglas.html Steve
  3. They did name it Lion when it was released. So far, I have really heard nothing negative about ML but am still holding off awhile before I do the install. We can expect a new FCPX version in late August/early Sept if all the beta testing is completed. Hopefully, we will get a scrolling timeline and the ability to set in/out points off a card on multiple clips prior to ingesting. I was asked what features I would like to see in the new version and gave them a long list but those are two I would most want.
  4. Really beautiful clips, nice and sharp. Can't say which is my favorite as they were all good. Congrats Steve
  5. http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-scuba-ocean-news/canon-announces-major-firmware-update-for-7d/ Enjoy, Steve
  6. You and I live fairly close to each other. I'm in La Mesa. Never buy a brand, of anything, whether it is a mask, a TV, a car. You always buy the 'model'. Find a mask that fits you well, is of low volume and feels comfortable. No matter whether it is Scuba Pro, Atomic or any other brand. If it feels good on you, if it fits properly, that is the one to get. Remember that a new mask will fog up on you so scrub the whole mask with either dishwashing soap, toothpaste or whatever works as long as it is non abrasive. Then clean it again...and again. Eventually the silicon spray that is sprayed over the entire mask will go away and you'll have clear vision made clearer by your lens. Steve
  7. A bit concerned about the heat that the Ninja might produce in the housing for it. Would be interested in how your prototype works with this once you get it set up. Steve
  8. Looks like the buttons are all in the right place but I really don't care for the positioning of the monitor even if it had a sun protector. When you have to get down real low, especially for macro, your are then holding the housing below you as you look down. Not sure sure I care for that. The original Light and Motion housing, when they made housings for some of the better camcorders available at the time and before they decided to go only to the low end of cams, had top side and look down monitors and they were a bit awkward to use. I believe Eric Cheng had one for the Z1-U. Your Genesis has the whole back plate to use instead of the bare plate it is now. All part of R&D I guess.
  9. I've used the Eye of Mine housing several times without any problems. Sorry you had some.
  10. Still, great stuff. Is the banding issue typical of the Pana GH2. It's a cam I am not really familiar with. Steve
  11. Dear All, I hate to say it, or admit it, but this weekend I had a major flood of my Nauticam housing for the 7D. The fault was not really mine, but a new connector in the bulkhead for testing of an external monitor that was not installed by me. A knot the size of an elephant has been in my stomach since Sat. I brought the gear up to C & H Photo in La Jolla, Dave Hinkel, the owner evaluated the damage and immediately sent an estimate to DAN's insurance company. To show you all how good I think DAN is, they have already sent out a check. I called them with a question or two this morning, got the proper rep on the first ring and she answered me clearly and very much to my satisfaction. I can't express how pleased I am with DAN's service. Steve
  12. "Bought a license for Retrospect 9 as it seems to be the most competent backup tool, especially at spanning multiple backup drives." Peter, Never heard of Retrospect. Will have to look it up. How does if compare with Super Duper, which is what I use for system backups. If you will, PM me your # to pass along to my friend in Singapore. Steve
  13. While Drew's contention that RAID 10 is faster than a RAID 5 is correct this doesn't mean that a RAID 5 is slow. My RAID 5 has read and write speeds of 754 and 685 which is plenty fast. However, as any drive, RAID or otherwise, fills up a slow down in speed performance will naturally occur; another reason not to fill your drives more than 80-85%. Often listed as a RAID 0+1, the RAID 10 needs a minimum of 4 disks. The upper layer mirrors the two striped sets below it, however, if one drive of each striped set fails, the data would be lost. Thus, one has to take into consideration the possibility of two drives failing at the same time. It doesn't seem likely, but when you figure that the drives might well have been bought and installed at the same time, should one go down, there may be a good chance that another, being the same age and having the same usage, might well go down as well. It provides excellent redundancy, as the blocks of data are mirrored, and still have good performance. Remember that when striping is involved you lose 50% of the storage capacity. For critical applications, a RAID 10 may be the best option as it offers faster data read and writes and does not need to manage parity however, I do not like the loss of half my hard drive space and so chose a RAID 5 configuration.
  14. Never fall in love with your own footage. It's a cardinal rule. ;-) Peter, she is not a member of Wetpixel I don't think. Could you pm me a # so I can pass it on to her. Steve
  15. Hey Peter, Not many folk have the resources for the 2 RAID 5's that you have. RAID 5, IMHO, is the best RAID configuration. I would strongly urge you not to fill any drive, RAID or otherwise, more than 80-85%, it can cause a slowing down of the drive and an eventual crash. If you to copy over a specific event's footage library to a smaller external drive there is nothing wrong with that as long as you run the drive every once in awhile. I use an Accusys RAID 5 and a Drobo Pro, which is RAID like, which I use to back up everything. I use Event Manager X to stipulate which drives I want showing in the X browser. I would spread specific events and their projects to designated drives and label the drive so there is no mix-up and that should serve as a good backup. You also might want to duplicate and rename by date every project that you are working on as you work on them. However, I also back up all footage to other smaller external drives. The clips are separated into species folders on these smaller drives and they are backed up as well. Personally, I have no experience using Blu Ray DVDs for back up storage and while I have an abundance of stuff originally shot on tape, since what I wanted off of them is already digitized, I just properly stack them vertically and run them back and forth once a year. Tape often gets degraded over time but, in truth, I have never really needed to go back to the master tapes so I don't really worry about it. You do have a lot of footage; are all the clips footage that you really want? The thing I liked about log and capturing in legacy FCP was that I could set in and out points prior to downloading to my projects and avoid capturing footage that I thought was bad, thus saving tons of hard drive space. In X, you can do the same thing off a card but only one clip at a time. I look forward to Apple changing this feature. If you have footage that is unusable, trash it and save some space for yourself. You might also want to consider not capturing your audio. Really, who needs 60 hours of bubbles? Capture the audio that you really need and forget the rest. Hope this helps, Steve PS. One of my editing students has just moved to Singapore and appears to be doing well there. I still owe her a couple of hours of paid for lessons. Waiting for her to completely unpack and then she will start learning X via iChat with me.
  16. Both of these cards are high end and expensive cards which, depending upon your processor speed and the amount of ram you have installed, can greatly speed up your workflow and enhance the performance of your Mac. 1) NVIDIA jQuadro FX4800 card...have used this for 1 year without any issues what so ever. I guarantee its In mint condition. I am selling it only because I have been sent a new graphics card for testing and review. Selling for $700.00 2) ATI Radeon 5710 wt 1GB memory....This card has never been used and came with the Macs new 12 core desktop. Obviously in mint. Selling for $200.00 Before you even consider purchasing either card, make sure that your computer is compatible. Steve
  17. I doubt if any 'authorities' are reading this, but it might behoove you to contact them and send your info. Keep copies of everything. Steve
  18. What a shame that the shark attack video was so out of focus. It could have been a real money shot. Notice the shark never opened its mouth...it was just investigating and having fun making the diver s**t his pants. Steve
  19. Only dove the Red Sea once, when I led a group there in 2009. Dove all the spots you did and most of the diving was pretty good, however, waking up in the morning and seeing 9 large liveaboards all moored up at the same spot drove me bananas. Don't think I'd make the long haul out there again. Steve
  20. Great dive trip report. It brought back memories of the many dives there. Were you able to dive the '3 sisters' or head over to Todos Santos? When conditions are bad at La Bufadora, Todos Santos is a short boat ride away from there and can be a fun place to dive if you are on the lee side. There used to be, and maybe still is, a sea lion rookery there as well. Steve
  21. I used to dive La Bufadora very frequently. It has been a long time since I've been there or seen a ling cod. Some nice shooting, I liked the angle of the shot of the divers at 1:49. The only thing I'd cut would be the blown out shot at :59 seconds. You have too much other good stuff here so you really don't need it. It appears that you had some great conditions as La Bufadora can be a tricky place to second guess as to conditions and vis. Nice job. Steve
  22. "I have the Nauticam housing so I can't comment on the 10Bar. The Nauticam's higher price is reflected in the quality of the overall design, machining and finish. The only complaint I have is that I really would have liked the dome ports to be glass rather than acrylic (and I'd be happy to pay a significantly higher price for this)." But you can buy a glass dome for the Nauticam. I agree, I wish it came with one however. Great shots, I have never seen a whale shark on a night dive. Lucky you. Steve
  23. It might be helpful if you gave a rough estimate of your budget. Remember, that for the photography end of things you will need strobes as well. For video, video lights. For the DSLR, Nikon or otherwise, a good housing. Welcome to Wetpixel and to the crazy and expensive frustrating but possibly rewarding world of photo and video. Steve
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