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  1. While the image certainly looks as if damage is being done, it just goes to show you that not all is as it appears to be, and, I hope we all take you on your word that this is not the case. You're right, sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to do it right. Steve
  2. If you are a member of DAN as I am sure you would be, contact them and get gear insurance from them. They really are excellent. Steve
  3. What software? Curious minds want to know. Steve
  4. Agreed, I heard no one call any one a psychopathic killer. My very first post certification dive was with a spear in hand because that is what my more experienced dive buddies were in to at the time in 1983. We ate everything we caught as well but when I saw the decline in marine life in the late 80's I just stopped the activity and put the stalking skills I learned when hunting to use in taking video instead. At the time, white sea bass was practically extinct tho in all that time, when hunting, I never shot a single one. There weren't any to shoot. Currently, the white sea bass is only now coming back from the brink, thus my objection. Dean B.- good point but let's look at the larger scale. The Asian and other countries who catch and kill whales, shark fins and other marine life also eat what they catch. Go to any food market over there and you will see a ton. Yes, the fishermen make money off their catch, but, if I follow your point, at least the catch is being eaten and not killed for sport. Doesn't make it right, does it? At any rate, at least HookBuzz has begun a healthy discussion of the issue. Steve
  5. A real shame this is. At least you know that DAN's insurance is on the up and up. Steve
  6. This should probably be posted in the Conservation forum but not too many people would see it there. It breaks my heart to read it. http://worldnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/10/12662146-up-to-20000-sea-turtle-eggs-crushed-by-bulldozers-on-caribbean-island?lite Steve
  7. Dean... I am PC illiterate however, it seems logical to me to export your Mac files into a format that the PC uses and then do the transfer. PC people use Quicktime, right? So couldn't you take your Mac QT files and just bring them over? Steve
  8. For those who are interested, I finally heard back from the Adobe Development team and they said that 'Yes, you can go back and forth with your projects from PC to Mac and back. Steve
  9. The white sea bass has only, in the last few years, bounced back from almost extinction on the LA & San Diego coast. It breaks my heart to see you spearing and killing them now that they are on the road to recovery, I stopped spearing fish back in the late 80's as I once looked around and bemoaned the lack of game. I made the decision then that I would no longer contribute to the decline. Haven't eaten sea food since and ask for chicken on liveaboards though I will be a hypocrite once in a while with a Tuna sandwich. You also mention the blue sharks. I used to be one of the wranglers for a Blue/Mako shark operation where divers would be in a cage while, we, in our metal shark suits, would tease them in and hand feed them mackeral while the photographers and videographers would film. That industry is long dead as the shark population also declined to the point of bringing people out and never seeing a single one. While your film is a well produced advertisement for your business, I hate to see this activity grow.
  10. Got the new GoPRO 2 and the new square port housing in the water last week. The ocean was flat and calm but unfortunately there must have been an algae bloom as the water was dark and green with particulate everywhere. Diving the Yukon at 105', the test footage came out extremely grainy and unusable. We skipped the 2nd dive completely. I had not brought a light for this test as I should have and so I deemed the test unfair. Will get back in with it as soon as possible and conduct a proper test, hopefully, in better dive conditions. I will say this, navigating the Hero2's menu is considerably easier.
  11. Good luck Brumpy, hope those last 3 days produce enough to make it worth your while and expense. Post some shots when you get back. Steve
  12. Recommend Lembeh Straits in Indonesia. The best macro in the world and there are several good resorts to stay at: KBR, Kaswari and others. Only been to the Philippines once for a 8 day stay at Dumagetti and another 8 at Puerta Gallera but thought Lembeh had more to shoot and have been there only 3 or 4 times. Would love to go back. Steve
  13. I dove with the Fenzy from about 81 to 88. We used to buy them at the swap meets for $5 or 10 and seal them up with a ton of Aqua Seal. Always had the little tank between it and my chest but didn't often use it. I never used or had the CO2 cartridges but since I learned on the Fenzy I was quite happy. One can not miss what they've never had. Actually, only bought a ScubaPro Classic BC in place of the Fenzy because I had joined the Sheriffs Dive Team and they insisted that I have one. I certainly didn't think of them as dangerous and still don't. I think someone told me that, brand new, they cost $600 which was an awful lot of money back in the early 80's. Steve
  14. Unless you are very familiar and experienced with both the camcorder and the housing and the lights no matter what you rent, you will probably not get the quality of footage that you wanted. It would be far wiser to hire someone to shoot the footage for you who has experience with the gear they own. It is not as simple as just getting a cam and housing and dropping in the water and filming away. There are just too many factors to consider and learn to list here. Steve
  15. The dive conditions in San Diego have been poor this winter so I haven't gotten in the water in awhile. Just got a call from a friend to pack up my gear to dive off his boat tomorrow. All packed but then I remembered that I packed my winged BC which I use for warm water diving and filming. Had to switch out BCs to the Scuba Pro Classic jacket which fits over the drysuit. I hate it when I've been out of the water, my organization gets screwed up. Steve PS John, I wasn't criticizing, just making an observation and glad I was wrong. I've used a ton of different BCs over the last 30 years and all had their good and bad points. Now, lets talk horse collar BCs. Anyone for a Fenzy? I still have a couple.
  16. Thanks for the info. Since Tu'i lived so much longer than George, I wonder if they will do a necropsy to discover why he passed away when he was barely middle aged. Steve
  17. Here's a great tutorial on retiming in Final Cut Pro X and covers optical flow for you as well. http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/retim...cp_x_stone.html Steve
  18. Wow, that's considerably older than Lonesome Geoge was. I do recall the Capt. Cook story a bit regarding the tortoise. Where did Tu'i reside during most of that time? England? steve
  19. Final Cut X also has optical flow and, if you're using that NLE, I suggest you make use of it. Steve
  20. Here you are..forgot to take a pic of the cam, it is inside the housing.
  21. Never heard of a collapsable cooler. Is there a url you can direct me to? Steve
  22. I have an extra video system that I was thinking of selling. It is a High Definition Camcorder, the Sony A1-U with a Light and Motion Blu Fin housing and LCD back monitor. The system comes complete with everything but lights and is in mint condition. It also comes with a Fathoms Wide Angle Port which, just by itself, sells for 1800.00 as well as 3 additional ports for Standard, WA and Macro. Not a single scratch or mark on any of the ports. I would sell the entire system, including cam for $2800.00 Let me know if you're interested. I can send pictures. Steve steve-sharksdelight@cox.net
  23. Wow, this one surprised me. Thought he'd live forever. Glad I got to meet him a couple of times, the first time he was amazingly active that time. Still have my Lonesome George tank top from 94. RIP Steve
  24. GoPro's new housing is supposed to be delivered today, hopefully there will be a focus improvement. All are correct Jillian, the great amount of shake your footage has from being so small as to be almost unavoidable would not really benefit from a stabilization app tho there are many. Core Melt's Lock and Load is one of the best stabilizers I have ever used and Red Giant's Magic Bullet Steady is just about as good. However, these plug ins are for the correction of minor shake and all stabilization plug ins, though they may work with different algorithms, work by scaling up. The thing is that anything scaled by more than 103% is going to reduce resolution and contrast. With a Go Pro, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that it had to be scaled up to 150% or more. However, if your GO PRO were on a tripod and the footage was fairly stable to begin with, these suggested plug ins and apps might do the job for you. Most of them will have free downloadable demos good for a few weeks, so give them a try and let us know how it turned out and the ones you used. Steve
  25. It took me years of attempts to shoot my first rhino and never did succeed in PNG. Great stuff. Steve
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