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  1. I know you still have a lot of cutting to do but I really look forward to seeing your finished product. Nicely shot steve
  2. Good question. I forgot which cam you are using but if it produces MTS files then use Clipwrap to transcode and export them as Pro Res. I forget whether you can set in and out points in Clipwrap, (a new version has just been released) but, if you can, I would set them in Clipwrap and export/transcode them as ProRes into a designated folder. The reason why I say to use Clipwrap is because the FCPX batch capture doesn't allow you to set in and out points for more than one clip at a time. Hopefully, this important area of FCPX will be adjusted. By using Clipwrap you are only transcoding the clips or parts of clips that you really want rather than the whole card with no ins and outs. Steve
  3. That front pouch looks pretty bulky creating drag in the water. At least, that's how it looks to me. Steve
  4. That brings up another topic. Since the Canon can shoot at 1920x1080 or the 720p, where do most of you stand on this setting? I have always shot it using 1920 but have friends who prefer the 720 mode. Steve
  5. Couldn't play your film to see. I had this problem only once many years ago filming the pirahna in shallow water in the Amazon. In trying to shoot up the sun and water's surface provided a strong reflection of the cam lens. Shooting downward prevented that. Because I couldn't see your film I can't tell what your depth was. Steve
  6. Agreed Nick..this is the same film that is on their website. There appearance and size is what led me to say that it appeared that only one of them might be necessary. It looks heavy. Steve
  7. The original Sunray HID lights had no power control so the light you get is the light you get. However, depending upon the length of your light arms, when I was using them I simply spread them out and back and positioned them so their edges barely touched for straight on shots. Sometimes I would place one light up high facing down with the other coming in from the side for a different type of lighting effect. The HIDs were good lights, I still have them sitting in a drawer here for the last few years, and I never had a problem with them. Yes, the cables were a touch of a pain, but that was my only complaint and I rarely blew out a shot with them when doing macro work. It was all a matter of positioning. Steve
  8. It's just Mother Nature having her say. Steve
  9. I used a jacket style for most of my diving career after finally leaving the horse collars behind in the late 80's. However, as a shooter, I have been using a back inflated BC for the last several years. It enables me to avoid clutter in the front when filming. Steve
  10. I have never tried the Mangrove lights but was significantly impressed with both the Keldan Luna 8s and 4s. Wide field of view on both, no hot spots and very high quality in terms of build. Steve
  11. There is a short film on their site showing some footage. 170ยบ beam and 18,000 lumens. I can't tell whether there is a control for the power output or not. Yes, pretty costly but it appears that you might need only one so, for a total price, that might not be too bad. Steve
  12. To be honest Mark, I would never travel all that way for a 3 day trip. Any trip I take which requires flying a great distance and the airfare that distance brings with it, has to be, at least, 7-10 days. I have only done a 3 day trip once, for the sand tigers in North Carolina as it had been a biggie on my bucket list. Then again, to do two back to back 3 day trips might be possible. Steve
  13. Yes, they are very difficult to follow when filming. The slo mo did a great job on it. Your depth of field appears to be quite small. Were you using your lights as it did appear a bit dark to my old eyes? Glad you posted this. Steve
  14. Will definitely need to join one of Jim's excursions one of these days. Some very nice photos. Thanks for the report Steve
  15. Someone sent me this question and I haven't a clue as to the answer. Maybe someone here can assist. Steve "My question is whether you can start a project on the Mac version of Premiere Pro and then transfer the project to a Windows version of Premiere Pro and work on it there."
  16. Never been there but edited a film from there many years ago for someone. Surprised not to see turtles. I know the govt there brought on several restrictions regarding the number of divers there and wonder how the ecological rebounding has occurred. Steve
  17. That's what a lot of people told me about you Deano Steve
  18. John, Just noticed that you are from the UK. There is a company there called Editors Keys that makes a double pop screen that works beautifully. Here's an old review I wrote on a few of their products. http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/edito...th_douglas.html Steve
  19. You never reported what the water temperature was. Would be good to know. I am surprised that before you left on this trip that in your communications while setting up the trip a drysuit was not recommended in the first place. Live and learn. Steve
  20. Oh, once last thing. Invite me up for your inaugural trip. Steve
  21. For $10 or 15 dollars go to your local music shop like Guitar Center and buy a Pop Screen. This is attached between your microphone and yourself and will significantly help in providing pop noise protection and as an effective reducer of sibilance in speech. Steve
  22. Some great suggestions here and it reminded me of one other thing that was missing on the Nautilus Explorer excursion in Alaska. Having a 'head' on the gear deck would be a great thing. I remember once having to pee so badly after a dive, racing to get out of my drysuit and get down to the cabins was unbearable. I know, what's a little leak here and there, but I would have loved it if Mike Lever had a topside loo. Someone did tell me that this has been remedied on the NE since I was last on it. Steve
  23. We will all see whether they have a booth at DEMA this year....or not. Steve
  24. Could be a boy scout merit badge or maybe a new certification patch coming from PADI to get more dough.
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