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  1. I have and use 2 DS-50 with manual controllers and have 2 100a with a ttl slave; which I liked with my CP 5000 Aquatica housing. I use a DS-50 with controller and a slaved 100 most of the time with good results. I have been looking at the Inon 220 series and like the small size allot and the use of AA batteries. What will the new Ike strobe be? I assume a larger replacement for the 200 but maybe an AA powered 50 with built in controller, I’d love that. What’s the scuttlebutt??
  2. Has anyone used any of the direct to CD burners that have come out recently, some have been around awhile? I have a digital wallet which is small and saves me from carrying a laptop, but it is still a hard drive. Some people carry the laptop as much to burn a CD as to review. I have no problem reviewing on my camera and think burning the 512mg card to a high quality photo CD directly would be a good idea over my 20 gig digital wallet, which is 4 years old and pretty slow by today’s standards. I won’t go back to carrying a laptop but I do have a Dell 300m which is tiny it just takes up valuable space and adds complexity. I thought a direct to CD burner backed up by my digital wallet may be an option and is still much smaller than my little laptop. Anyone using one? Which brand?
  3. Aquatica use to build a case for an electronic light meter. Drop them a line at aquatica.ca
  4. There has just been a long discussion on this in the dSLR forum. Take a look. The long and short is the Lowepro packs tend to be the most popular for carryon. I use a dryzone 200 by Lowepro for a housed system. The 100 size may be what you are looking for. You are alowed in there, eh.
  5. Does this strobe use the cord that would be the same cord for a Sea&Sea MMII to Nikons stye strobe with 5 pins? Does the strobe take the same fitting as a Sea&Sea camera? What is the cord called ttl-n 5 pin?
  6. Look at the Lowe Dry Zone 200 it will carry a housing fits my Aquatica A90 two smaller strobes (I use ds50s but have carries 1 50 and 1 100a), camera in housing, 2-3 lenses, basic arms and cords, macro port (sometimes dome port in outside pocket well wrapped in foam cloth), some batteries, charger, my digital wallet and my dive computer. It is also very water proof and built to carry camera gear. Just make it look light when you walk up to the counter and don’t have three or four other small pieces of carry on gear. My buddy got stopped with the same bag loaded up at the counter because he had a reg bag with regs and other junk and argued it was the same as a laptop bag second carryon. They weighted the camera bag and said no it was too heavy, check it. Weight is becoming an issue.
  7. Several years ago I traveled through SEA for 6 months with my housing, F90x, ports, strobes, dive gear and clothes. I used a 55 lt wheeled pack for my dive gear clothes arms and ports. I carried the housing, camera and strobes in a small padded backpack which I have replaced with a lowe dry zone 200 (the smaller 100 may fit). I was carrying allot less than a lot of the other travelers I ran into on the road. I went from northern Thailand shooting temples through the Andaman Sea to the east coast of Malaysia across Sumatra and Java by road and train. Spend 1 month on Bali then 2 months by various boats and liveaboards to Komodo. I was shooting above and below all the time. Today I would take camera, housing and smaller strobes the new inon 220s also a digital wallet not a full laptop. I was carrying 60 rolls of film (which was not much smaller than my housing) at times; which was questioned at several boarder crossings. I sent film home as it was shot 10 rolls at a time. I think with my dive travel gear set and a dslr today it would be easier. I never lost anything on that trip. I kept my camera in padded non camera bags and my dive gear was in a bag much like any other backpackers.
  8. I use a Zeagle Pro II in the Northwest with a dry suit. I change the bladder to the Escape bladder for the tropics (it rools up pretty small). The ripcord harness is the same. I modified the shoulder straps by adding stainless D rings, and other anchor points. I have both a cold water and warm water BC for less than buying 2 BCs and have a setup that allows for stage tanks and other hookups should I want them. I like haveing a harness I know well on both systems.
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