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  1. Hello, I am piecing together a rig with used equipment. I have a Canon SL1 and Ikelite. Do you know If I can use a Sea&Sea YS-120, 110, or 90 with this?
  2. Does anyone retrofit older Ikelite or other housings to work with newer cameras? I know the housing makers don't like this question, and I understand that it could go horribly wrong, but housings aren't cheap and I hate to throw one out just because the camera is upgraded.
  3. I can't make it to the Our World Underwater Festival . Will anyone bother to contact me if I have a winning entry but I'm not there?
  4. Thanks James. Why does a long strobe arm help? Is the idea to get the strobe closer to the subject or further from the lens or both?
  5. OK, I'm still shooting film so by the time I see my pictures I can't remember what I did, but I'm hoping somebody here can help. Problem 1: Flare with 50mm macro, Ikelite flat port, Ike 150 and 50ms stobes (though I've gotten the same problem with just one strobe) Crinoid The main problem is the white arc in the upper left. I suspect that some light is coming in through the barrel of the port (since it's clear) and bouncing around inside. What do you think? Problem 2: Backscatter with 20mm, Ikelite dome port, 150 strobe Diver and crinoid My strobe is generally to the upper left and slightly in front of the camera. Is there an optimal angle to avoid backscatter?
  6. This is not necessarily UW, but I'm checking out my new CP 5400 and notice that the wide angle and macro are great but the telephoto when focused at infinity is bad--really really bad. It's a Korean-made model. Does anyone know if Nikon has admitted this problem and what they are doing about it? (I'm overeases right now and it's not convenient for me to send my camera in)
  7. Nikon has a fisheye adaptor (190 degrees) that attaches to the CP5400 and other cameras. Anyone know if we will be able to use this in the Ikelite or other housing?
  8. Just curious: How many shots are you DSLR guys taking per dive? And, is this a major factor in choosing a DSLR over a film camera?
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