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  1. Looking forward to the review. I already bought a D750. Couldn't pass up the $600 savings on the 24-120mm VR lens that I thought was ending on Nov. 1st.
  2. Nauticam just announced one as well. Available November 17.
  3. I know ikelite is going to be be making a d750 housing.
  4. Does anyone know if the NA-A7 will work with the A7s? It's not mentioned on their website, but the camera might be too new for that.
  5. How would you compare the noise performance on the D800 at high ISO vs. the D3/D700?
  6. I currently have a D300, and went so far as to order a D7000 for the better low light (Northeast diver) and video capability. But I have since changed my mind, and will wait for the D400 (or whatever) to come out. I'm hoping it will be out soon, but can live with the D300 for now if it isn't. (Previous post removed due to spam link in it-post edited to reflect this-admin}
  7. Thanks for the tips! The strap wrench worked like a charm. And I'll be extra careful with the fisheye extension that's going on in it's place!
  8. I can't seem to separate the port from my 8" ikelite dome. It doesn't seem to want to budge. Does anyone have any helpful tips on how to get it off? I'm thinking of maybe rinsing the joint with hot water for a while.
  9. Well that's mostly what I did. It's an Ikelite housing, and I've already swapped the o-rings with new ones I purchased for the back, port, and strobe. Unfortunately, I only ordered one of the o-rings for the Sync cable connectors, so I have a new one and one that is 3 years old. I don't want to swap just one, as I'll never remember which one I swapped. I also hate to order a $5 part and pay $5 in shipping. The ones I got with it have been sitting in their plastic bag, so I'm assuming they're probably OK. And I've been using the ones already on the sync cable already, which might be just as old.
  10. I bought a used housing recently, and it came with some spare unused orings. The dates on the oring packages seem to indicate that they are about 3 years old. Is that too old? Should I just buy new ones and use those instead?
  11. I have a new/unused Ikelite 5505.46 port for a Nikon 105mm macro lens that I'm looking to trade for an 5502.41 port for a 60mm macro lens.
  12. Any chance you might sell some of the stuff separately?
  13. Looking to buy a housing for my Canon Powershot G5. Don't really care what type of housing it is, as long as it works.
  14. If OP hasn't taken you up on the offer, I'll buy it.
  15. According to what I have read on dpreview, by default, Nikon applies less sharpening to their images than Canon does. You can change the settings on the camera, or in post processing.
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