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  1. Is this package still around? Kevin
  2. Vinegar is fine to remove off the green corrosion. The acid tarnished the gold pins. They should be fine. If salt water, then use your qtip method, followed by fresh water qtip, then let dry before placing cap back on. Maybe purchase a can of air from a hobby store to blow things dry. Good luck, Kevin
  3. Thanks Sam for your input here, as it gives me a big jump on solving this. Sounds like this could add up fast. I know it's old technology, but this stuff is still used, and looking for others that mayhave done the conversion, and can report on the pro's/cons etc...... I'm pretty good with the soldering iron, and understand electronics, just need to understand camera and stobe technology and then make the connection. Buying a shoe from the camera store and doing the work myself??? Still looking for any diagrams that could help me. K.
  4. This might be old news, but new to me. I purchased third hand gear, and started to investigate the YS-90DX strobes working with my Nikon D100 camera. I see that the small syn cable that goes from the camera shoe to the bulkhead is only a single pin circuit. This leads me to manual operation only, and would explain why a good percentacge of my photo's are overexposed, with the strobe settings at TTL. First thing I do next will be to operate my strobes in manual. Now, I want to find and replace that single pin cable with a multi core cable so that I can make full use of the TTL stobes. I spent all day digging in cyber space with no luck. I found TTL convertors for D200 with issues as posted here on this forum.... yuk..... Can I do what I think is possible, or forget it and stay manual. And if its possible, where can I find the info and cost. Comments please. Kevin
  5. Hi Wayne Take your time, weather is cold up here now, so diving will only be down south now!!! I will check back later in the week. Also, let me know what postage will be. Thanks Kevin
  6. Hi Wayne, I'm interested in the 1 - 12" Ultralight arm. Do you have any extra clamps? Thanks, Kevin
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