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  1. have a Light and Motion Titan D100 underwater Housing with a D100 body for sale; Flat Port accommodates 60mm Extension ring 2 854-0135-A accommodates 105MM Various unused O-rings, 2 unused complete O-ring kits w/batteries Overhaul performed 8/23/07 with 200 ft pressure test – has not been wet since. Bulkheads cleaned & checked. Electronics tested. Spent $225 for this – receipt included. Manuals included Unused 825-0540-A 105MM focus gear Unused 825-0538-A 105mm A/M gear 2 used wetmate housing to strobe cords $1,000 with D100 Camera Body – no lens http://uwimaging.com/downloads/titan/Titan_D100manual.pdf
  2. <img src="http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s301/jnbgoat/dive%20pics%20favorites/JNB_1295a.jpg">
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    FS Titan D100

    Tom, we can talk about my D100 camera as well - I deleted your PM
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    FS Titan D100

    I have a Light and Motion Titan D100 housing for sale. Last August it was sent to Light and Motion for an overhaul - they replace all orings, etc, tested the electronics, tested it for depth. It was sent in for this in anticipation of my selling it; I has never had any trouble with any function. It has not been diving since. I have the receipt. This sale includes a flat port I used for a 60mm lens, and port extension for a 105mm lens. Manual focus gear, a set of new orings. Everything included fits with room to spare in a pelican case that comes with it. $1,000.
  5. Since you are an expereiced LM user with D100 - you know you can only turn the camera on - I have not yet been able to determine if the camera goes to sleep and for how long etc - can you enlighten me. Plus - do you use wtlink for strobes - if so do you ever experience a bad connection due to tarnish (I have been trying to manage this on my E20N/Titan rig) new D100/titan user thanks meit on
  6. Hi, it has almost been a year since some of us started receiving our Titan for use with E10 or E20 - I am wondering how we are doing with this setup - I don't see any posts Personally, I am pleased, albiet challenged in various ways - gotten some great shots - usually need color correction and other photoshop enhancements. As far as the housing - the right handle can not seem to send a good signal to ROC or the camera but I get by with the left handle. But I would like to hear some feedback of others who invested in this relatively expensive setup. Nick
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