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  1. Shamefully, my last dives were last May at Lundy in the UK. These shots are stirring bits inside me to get back in the water again! Not wanting to try and divert topic, I'm a Canon owner but the D800 will be a very interesting option in water with the obvious mp and dx crop. Damned impressed Nauticam have a working housing out already!
  2. You should be fine, I've flown to large parts of the rest of Europe from London. The only country I've ever had problems with battery powered kit is Israel whose officials insisted on taking my laptop PSU and post it to me some months later (obnoxious little Israeli custom officials brings out the worst in me).
  3. I purchased a Spyder3 studio kit. My friends have all benefited from it. One thing I'd found is that using the monitor calibration and receiving images from a friends dell to my, as yet uncalibrated mac screen is that I can see details in the blacks that he can't. Surely a calibrated display should show information that exists in the image. Personally I'm unconvinced of the benefits outside of in-house printing.
  4. I wish I'd seen this earlier, I'll give you a call tomorrow - Stevie has a Cintiq that's fathering dust, I'm sure he won't mind you using it to see what you think. heh, humorous typo there, that should be Gathering dust...
  5. Very proud of you Dad! Great shots. Hope it runs in the family!
  6. I would imagine that if the print was made by a machine/printer that adhered to ICC profiles then it should be the accurate one? Worth asking the print shop I think. I've just purchased a Spyder3Studio kit to calibrate myself and my friends monitors and am having the problem that the calibrated display is, apparently, correct according to the Spyder3 but black backgrounds that look as if there is no information in them will display details when the profile is removed and the display is brightened.
  7. I've been using this for the odd ding on an ikelite port - http://www.novuspolish.com/ Takes blinking ages but hasn't failed me yet, then again not sure I've had scratches that bad before!
  8. Had a great day out at this. Very informative, interesting and light hearted. Hopefully it won't be the last one. *doffs cap to Alex and Martin* Nige, thanks for the heads up on this, I'd have missed it otherwise and it was damn good to see you again.
  9. Hi Alex, I believe I met you at the show last year. I was the possibly odd bloke with the bulge in his pants that kept caressing the housing and the Inon Endoscope.... See you on the Sunday.... Nige, I definitely need a guiding hand with it from my favourite Uncle. You don't mind if Mistress Louise joins us? The last time I was diving every day I was building wraysburys confined area - this'll make a nice change from hefting scaffold about! Thanks for advice about the port - you're right the Zen might have to wait in light of that. Have read up on the Sola lights - look the mutts nuts so will add those in to the kit! Thanks again guys.
  10. Oooooh I like that. I've just found the Zen website and dropped them a line asking if it would work with the 11-16mm as well (haven't got the 10-17mm yet but it might be a sooner purchase than I'd planned!). Thanks! Will check out the Sola lights - they look good and I think I'll go for them. I was hoping to use as video lights as I previously used my Z1 in a friends Gates housing with 4 UK10's which worked well. I'm glad I came here for a bit of hand holding before jumping in on this! Thanks for all the replies guys.
  11. Ok. Last December I took the plunge and whilst on a trip in New York from London I purchased my first SLR since the Canon T90 I had in my teens, obviously it had to be the 7D. Now I think it's about time it got wet, well, ok, at least in something wet that keeps it dry. I've kinda assumed I was going to get the Nauticam housing as it seems the best value for money for quality and most flexible wit the port adapters (I don't like Ikelites since, when using a friends the dome port came off in a rib!) My lenses are currently: Sigma 70mm Macro Tokina 11-16mm Canon L 100-400mm Tamron 18-270mm I was thinking the Nauiticam housing, the 8.5" dome port for the 11-16mm (eventually adding a 10-17mm) and a macro port for the Sigma 70mm - picking the shortest port with the longest extension ring option. 2 x Inon Z240, 2 x Fisheye 1000 lumen video lights. The total cost for everything I think I need is about $7,000 including the Inon's and Fisheye lights (I have Ultralight arms already). Any constructive thoughts or suggestion would be extremely welcome before a salesman pries the credit card out of my grasp! Thanks.
  12. Yeap, they will but this was for a friend who didn't want to pay that much for just that facility. Cheers though.
  13. Have had a look around and there is a plethora of freeware batch imaging software out there. Does anyone have any recommendations for basic software that can input a directory, search subdirectories, resize found raw/jpg images and output to a identical folder structure on another drive? Thousands of images that I really don't want to even try by individual directory unless I have too! thanks for any help!
  14. I've just got myself a 7D, has anyone used the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 lens rather than the 10-17mm 3.5?
  15. under pressure: This would, of course, explain your height... Nikon? pah. Anyway as for cornering the Ageing Scribe, well let's face it the conversation would rapidly from how great his housing is and turn to: a: Him mocking me b: How many models he's slept with c: How many of them were men d: When he's going to bring his Mac for me to fix Thanks for the replies guys, ideally I'd love to get the 100-400mm AND the 70-200mm 2.8 but I think I'll have to pass on the 2nd. Interestingly I just found this site: http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews...FLI=4&API=3 Now I'm all excited by this and am busying comparing all the sample shots I can, including with the 1.4x extender (I remember using a 2.0x with my T90 and a 70-210mm and the shots looked bloody awful). Not overwhelmed by the mid-range choices - the new 15-85mm(?) sounds good but would like to invest in quality (if I turn out to be an utterly crap photographer and return to my under-the-stairs mushroom farm I can always ebay it). Again, thanks for the replies. Will probably add the 100mm macro to the buy.
  16. Rightyo, my last SLR was the Canon T90 when I was a teenager (which was stolen!). I'm off to New York and travelling down to Orlando in the next few weeks and looking at buying the 7D andlens for a Kenya safari next year (I've inherited a Land Cruiser in Nairobi itching to be used) and also lenses for underwater use. So far I'm looking at: Canon 7D Canon 580 Flash unit 3 Spare batteries Hugyfot Housing (thanks to the old sod John Bantin who recommended it and despite him walking past me holding one at the UK Dive show and declaring me a "tyre kicker") Canon 100-400mm L (or is 70-200mm IS 2.8 with 1.4x better - I'm concious that most safari shots use mininum of 400mm) Tokina 10-17mm (have used this on a 350D in an Ikelite - liked the lens, hated the housing) Would deeply appreciate any recommendations for lens around ~20mm - 80/100mm? What else am I missing, there must be a gem or two of a lens that I've not found - I'd like to get the core of the kit in one go if possible.
  17. Fantastic photos. Just got back from Montenegro with 350D and mine are terrible. What a learning curve. Nice to see the cockmunchers are still mooring up on the thistlegorm though.
  18. Ahh this looks interesting - haven't seen this one before! Thanks very much, shall take a look. Well Bantin who asked you anyway? Actually you were about to get an email... Cheers fella, will take a look at this as well.
  19. have put desposit on the 5d mkii but in the meantime I got a cheapo 350d to play with...don't you have one of those paparazzi nikon things?
  20. Does anyone know of software or PS plugin that will straighten the images from this lens? Have just got one and it's a lovely lens - would just like to be able to straighten some of the shots. Thanks for any help.
  21. Drew - genius. The FCP Rescue and trashing the settings worked perfectly. Thanks for that. Have renewed motivation to get on with the job now!
  22. Can't work out what is causing this. On the camera and another monitor the footage appears blue (filmed in Red Sea), during capture and all post the footage has lost the blue and now has a green tint. Doubtful it's a monitor / display issue as exporting the clips to DVD / xVid etc and playback on other systems shows green tint as well. Could this be codec issue? Setup? Pixies? Thanks for any help.
  23. Right. Have no idea how I missed that. Cheers Mini Dive.
  24. Johne I was hoping you'd reply. Thanks very much for the information. Is there a gates branded lube available?
  25. have a Gates FX1/Z1 housing - it doesn't need a good official seeing to just yet but noticing the one of the control levers was a tad sticky I've stripped it down and given a good thorough cleaning. Before i reassemble all the gubbins I was curious as to exactly what grease is used on the control rod o-rings - it's been suggested silicon but from experience of using that on ports etc I can't see it lasting. The original was denser and more "robust". Anyone?
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