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  1. Actually, just a thought in the opposite direction: It depends what you want to take shots of and where you are going to take them. If yu want shots of divers and will be in shallow blue waters, then the WAL might be better. Otherwise, I agree with the other posters. Be oprepared for tears and tantrums though! HTH Steve
  2. There is a pool in my leisure complex and i think that unless it is a private pool, you might have problems being allowed to take a camera into the pool in the first place, especially if there are other children about. I would check with the management before going in. From my experience you will be able to get away without the strobe, in fact you will need to unless you are taking a close up, maybe of the baby's head (I'm assuming the internal flash we're talking about). Try and go midday when the sun is at its highest. I try and take photos of my students when they do their first pool dive and they have come out ok. I always get them with their backs to the wall and that seems to work best for me. In the end it will be trial and error, but Good luck! Steve
  3. Just a thought. When scrolling through the forums, i only open the threads that are about the canon S range. To get more advice about the Oly cameras, you might want to start a new thread. Steve
  4. I have the S40 which is very similar. You don't say where you are going to go diving, but try these two sites which have pix I took with the basic S40 in the Falkland Islands. You have to get to page 2 of the second link to get the pix, which were taken at 30 metres. The pix on the first link are between 15m and 6m. These were the first time I had used digital so i didn't really know too much about white balance and all that stuff, and they have only been enhanced by the canon software (which for most involved simply using the auto enhance!) http://www.rafsaa.org/clubs/falklands.htm http://www.rafsaa.org/expedrpts/Ardentensi...ign/ardent1.htm HTH Steve
  5. That's a really good idea - I have lost a lot of shots like that. How do you do it? Doesn't it use up the battery too quickly? Steve
  6. Alto So do you wait until the camera goes into standby mode and then leave it in that mode (as I do -although not deliberately!!) or actually switch off the LCD? Steve
  7. Thanks for your thoughts. I did try putting the camera in at the last minute but that only delayed the fogging. I was putting it in on the deck of a boat so there might have been moisture in the air, but there is only a small cabin on the boat and that has a door that is open most of the day anyway. I will try the dessicant and see what happens. The days were warm (for UK that is!) 21 C and the water was cold 11-14 C but I have dived in temperatures like this before without problems. I don't want to switch off the LCD as because to me that is the huge benefit of using digital: I can see the result straight away and make corrections there and then. Unfortuately with the S40 and WC-300 you have to switch the camera on when you put it in the case. Steve
  8. I use the Canon powershot s40 with WC-300 and a WA lens. I just got back from a week diving in the UK and was having terrible problems with the lens fogging up. The funy thing was that it didn't always fog up straight away, but sometimes did 20 minutes into the dive, and especially on the second dive of the day. I used the anti-fog liquid that came with the housing but it didn't seem to make any difference. I drop a couple of drops onto the lens and then wipe it round with a lens cloth, leave it to dry and then insert the camera and close the case Anyone got any thoughts? Thanks Steve
  9. Any thoughts on the YS90 with a WA? Steve
  10. Many thank guys, that is exactly the starting point I was after. Steve
  11. Just as an experiment i took one at each end of the range, and one in the middle + one one stop lower (brighter/ larger) than the camera. Not really any appreciable difference. Steve
  12. Hi Simon I deleted all my pix in disgust! To be honest, it was the new toy's first outing and I didn't try it very scientifically but i am going again on Wednesday when i will be a bit more sensible. Essentially I didn't seem to be getting enough light using either the Av or Tv modes. With the shutter speed fixed, the camera picked such a large aperture that the pix were underexposed and all out of focus. With the shutter speed fixed, it was simply no better than without the strobe i just wondered if anyone had a good starting place... Thanks Steve
  13. Hi Does anyone have this, or similar set-up? I dive in green waters in the uk so I added the strobe to increase the range of pix I could take and have had absolutely no success with it so far. In fact I got better pix without the strobe! Any clues would be greatly appreciated! Steve
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