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  1. I for one hope this gets a proper housing. I'd rather it be without room for the flash. I just need to be able to connect to the hot shoe so I can manually control my strobes. The last thing I want is to wait for a on camera flash to recharge. TTL circuitry would be great, but not necessary.
  2. Very nice shots. Looks like you had some good vis. I've been to Palau twice and one trip was OK and the other was not very good. Still world class diving even if the vis is down.
  3. I've been using my GH2 in a 10Bar housing since it came out. The dome port I have only works from about 9 to 14 but is does the trick. I really like the housing and how the controls work. For me it is very easy to use. I like to go deep at times so I needed a housing rated past 200ft. Lenses I use most are the 45 macro and 7-14. Don't have the fisheye but can assume it's a good underwater lens as well not sure how it would work with the 10Bar dome though. I have not shot a lot of video with the camera but here's a link to some un-hacked stuff I did. https://vimeo.com/32394953 I've got some cool macro stuff I think looks good but it is not uploaded.
  4. Check 10Bar. I have there GH2 housing and while it is no 3k dollar unit the two my wife and I have, have served us well with no issues for years of weekly diving. You might have to e-mail them as their website is not the best. I only dive air but have had mine to 72 meters with no control/button issues.
  5. The GH2 does a fine job and I can only assume the GH3 will be better so it should be on the same playing field with all but full frame cameras.
  6. What Panasonic cameras do you have or had that are housed? Everything on your website is old so hard to judge from that. My webpage isn't updated as often now days either, as it's just to easy to put them up on FB. I'm Mikeronesia on FB. I can't understand why someone with a multi thousand dollar system would not shoot raw and full manual underwater. I've had Olys and Pannys and neither does as good of a job picking the right settings for a shot compared to someone with a little experience. I'm no pro but I manage to get some OK shots with my tool lacking camera. While it is a little trickier with manual strobes it's a no brainer with TTL. While the 45 does hunt too much at times I've been able to minimize it with spot focus and a few other things. For me it is rarely an issue. At least when my wife lets me use it.
  7. I have my GH2 in a 10Bar housing using the hot shoe to trigger my Ikelite 161 and it can take flash shots as fast as I can press the button. I'm still getting used to the concept of being able to just keep taking pictures without pausing. It's a great feature when dealing with moving fish. I don't use the flash and have the screen go dark fairly quickly so my battery lasts longer, but I agree it is not at the top of the pack for battery life. It is easy to pop in a new one with the 10Bar housing though. I agree on the sinc speed and wish it was higher. I'm getting used to it now though and it doesn't seem to be as anoying to me any more, at least not underwater anyway. One plus with the slower sinc speed is you need less light so the flash isn't as bright and I find less scatter, or at least it feels that way. This was shot with the 7-14 at 8mm. I'm not sure I could get this with a P&S camera.
  8. The Nex sucks as far as the interface goes and their lens choices are bad but it is not the only mirrorless camera out there. A lot of what you state above is just false. I have a GH2 and if you want to know how it compares to a SLR then go to DPReview and do some reading. I have a wonderful 1-1 macro and a 7-14 wide angle lens that is amazing. Those are the only two lenses I use underwater but Panny also makes a 8mm fisheye with 180 degree view that is very highly regarded as well. As far as shutter lag goes there isn't any to speak of. It's too bad so many people make claims without even knowing what they're talking about. Is it the best camera ever, no, But it is a very competent tool.
  9. I have shot very little video and have no video lights so those are all I have attempted. The shark video did have some hunting as the sardines moved in and out and I'm not sure how you prevent that. I think they were both shot with the 7-14 at 14 so leaning towards the wide end of things. I'm sure someone has much better samples but I'm not sure where. As far as distance and DOF I would think that it will have the same limitations as the lens does in still mode. I'm not real fond of the settings the cameras pick when in auto and the same might apply to video but I do know that full manual is a lot to handle in video mode on the surface so it must be tough underwater. Maybe "A" would be the best setting. I have not attempted video with the 45macro and will need to play with it. Now you have me wanting to play with it some more. I guess I'll need to stick the 14-45 or 45macro on the GH2 and see what i can come up with. I will try to borrow some lights and shoot some video this weekend.
  10. The two videos from the Philippines were shot with the GF1. The pool video was shot with the GH2. videos
  11. I would aslo look at how the camera does at low ISO. I read they improved the high ISO quality of the G3 at the expense of base ISO quality. I don't know about most people but I rarely take my cameras off base ISO when shooting underwater. The GH2 is still the better camera and worth the money I think though I love the smaller size of the G3. The G3 is more like a improved GF1 if you ask me. I agree it would be a great camera housed.
  12. I am loving the M4/3's system. If you are going from a P&S to M4/3"s you will be in heaven. The no shutter lag alone will net you more keepers as well as the IQ. The two lenses I would recommend are the Panny 45mm macro and the Panny 7-14mm. A good macro is a must and the 7mm 114 degree view is just incredable. I am saving for the Panny 8mm fisheye next.
  13. Looks interesting. It sure doesn't look like an 80m housing. Let us know what you think when you get it and some better pictures would be great as well. I wish these threads were in the DSLR section as these ILC's are much closer to DSLR's then they are P&S's.
  14. I'm using my GH2 with a 10Bar housing and two Ikelite strobes via the hot shoe with the Nikkinos to Ikelite connectors in manual mode and have no major issues with it. I haven't shot much video but here is a link to a few clips. GH2 underwater video I moved on from Ikelite housings a couple of years ago but still am very happy with their strobes. I have one of their old TTL slave sensors that I use when my wife isn't and I wish they still made them because although it's big it works well. I like that Ikelite uses the TTL code and hot shoe approach because it is much better then dealing with the cameras flash. I can take about 2 flash shots a second using the DS161 and the hot shoe but only about one shot every 4-5 seconds if I use the internal flash to trigger the strobes. This is something I think they have done the right way. Maybe not the most marketable way, but it is the best solution as a user.
  15. I have 2 G series cameras and am happy with both for underwater. I'm not sure about the controls on the GF2 though. As long as you can control A and S you should be OK. I don't really mess with much else except flash sinc on occasion. The 14 is right where they start to call a lens wide but what you really want is supper wide. I use the 7-14 and keep it on 7 most of the time. It's great for helping your strobes reach your subject without scatter or distortion.
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