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    I have the following equipment for sale:


    - Seacam housing for Canon 5D with handles and "o"ring kit. It has the HeirichsWeikamp circuit board installed for TTL communication with strobes along with water detector. Backup circuit board also available. No ports or viewfinders.


    - (2) Canon 5D bodies, boxes, manuals, spare battery and charger. Just returned from Canon Professional Services for sensor cleaning and maintenance.


    - (2) Ikelite DS160 strobes.


    I will be traveling starting January 26 - February 7th. Please feel free to call me before then with questions.


    Michele (425)896-8113

  2. I'm not sure what is really going on with Inon America. I just spoke with Steve the other day and he was quite helpful in answering a question as to type 1, 2 or 3 strobes. I'm hearing that there should be someone US based that can deal with repairs, etc. If I find anything else out, I'll let you know. I do have my selection of Inons and have been happy but also back up with Ikelite DS 160's. So I have 2 of my 240 Z's for sale, IF anyone is interested.


  3. Michele Westmorland and Doc Anes from San Diego Shark Diving invite you to the exotic Maldives on a special photo trip. The new liveaboard Eagle Ray will be our vessel for 11-days while we visit the best photo dive sites in the Maldives. Since this is a special photo trip we will have to opportunity to make multiple dives on the best sites . This is an extended 11day/11night trip that will include photo workshops lead by Michele. You get hands-on help and will be guided by divemaster Manik, who is considered to be the best guide in the country.


    Trip Dates: Apr 4-15, 2008

    Cost: $3295.00 per diver in double occupancy staterooms.


    You can contact Michele at photomrw@comcast.net or Doc at info@sdsharkdiving.com

    Nancy Chase at nancy@livewellventures is handling the travel arrangements

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