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  1. Thanks for the comments. These were taken with a Canon 350D and single Ikelite DS-125. Cheers, Graham
  2. Thought I'd post a couple of pics from a quick trip to Nelson Bay, NSW. Really must use this website more than I have been - so much good stuff on here! Cheers, Graham
  3. Great shots Dave. As one of the 9 who were on the trip I can confirm everything Dave has said about Cocotinos - a fantastic place for divers, and particularly for divers who enjoy UW photography. Would love to go back! Graham ps - I won't post my pics here as I don't want to embarass Dave
  4. Can only comment on the guys we used a couple of years ago http://www.similan-diving-safaris.com/ who were on the cheaper side but excellent! Obviously you can't expect luxury but we had no complaints whatsoever. They go from Khao Lak - just north of Phuket. You may get good deals if you leave it but you may well end up on an overcrowded boat out of Phuket. Graham
  5. Hi Mike, and thanks! I've just had a look in my 'big book of fish' and I think it's a Ring Scale Threefin rather than a goby - equipment is a Canon 350D (Rebel XT I believe) with 60mm macro and single DS125 strobe. Thanks again! Graham
  6. Hi there, Been registered a while but not really posted yet - thought I'd kick off with a few from our diving this weekend at Nelson Bay - a fabulous shore diving spot on the NSW central coast. Would be good to hear opinions/critique - fairly new to underwater photography. Cheers, Graham
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