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  1. I don't know specifically about any such compatibility, but i do know that the SB105 is designed to work with TTL feedback from the camera (Otherwise, it will just fire at a manual setting of 1/4, 1/2 or Full, depending on your setting. It WILL not work in as a pre-flash,er,flash, as the response time is too slow. I doubt it would work with many, if any, digital cameras, but someone on this forum who really knows what they're talking about will likely offer a more complete response. Thanks for the info, btw. (both of you.)
  2. I've been diving more than 30 years. For about 10 years, I was into UW photography, using the venerable Nikonos 5 system. I only owned the 35mm lense, the SB105 flash and a set of extension tubes, but I had nearly unlimited access to a 15mm and viewfinder, which I used a LOT. I loved taking photos, and was often complimented on the quality. But, I "drifted away", as they say. I continued to dive, but just started leaving the camera at home. A month ago, my 14yr. old became certified. He's a great buddy and an enthusiastic diver. He has been a pretty good photographer in his own right, taking photos since he was 7. He would often tell me that "one day" he was going to be a "car photographer" and work for Autoweek. We spend many of our weekends at car shows, even now. Well, that "autos only" mindset changed when I took him on his first Florida dives last month. He immediately asked for a camera to take on his dives. Easier said than done, but he was insistent and I thought a really cheap point and shoot film camera or disposable wouldn't be too distracting on the dives if I carried it. We found one on closeout at Kmart for $12, a reusable model with a flash. After playing with it on our deeper dives (60') and then using my Pentax Optio W30 on a snorkeling excursion, he was definitely hooked on another form of photography. Some of his photos, especially the macro with the Optio, were very, very good. Some of the ones with the P&S were good as well (Well, after some editing--we had the film processed to a CD at Walmart). Now, here's my dilemma: I want to enourage this new passion (without distracting from his dive skills progression) by bringing my old camera along on our dives. Of course, I the Nikonos is in great shape. All I have to do is have it serviced to get it ready, but I also need a WA lens. I figure $400-$500 for a 20mm with optical finder, maybe twice+ that for a 15mm, and I'm set with a pro quality rig that is still easy to use. The total investment for the 20mm setup would be less than for a cheap digital UW starter rig. The other way to go (duh) is truly digital with a prosumer setup for me (selfish) that I can share with him until he's ready to have his own. I still love film, but I don't wont to foolishly cling to something that seems increasingly passe'. I mean, is anyone but me still in love with the Nikonos system? Is it even possible to get equivalent quality from a consumer or prosumer level digital camera/housing for less than $1500 (what I can buy a NIB 15mm and finder for right now). Is film becoming too scarce (slide film) and quality processing too hard to find? So many questions...I know. With a name like "Wetpixel", I know there might be some bias, but please be objective (and kind)....
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