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  1. Price dropped to $275, give me a PM if you have a reasonable price.
  2. Hi, I have a Canon 100mm Macro USM Lens I bought recently and don't have a real use for it. Anybody want it? Lens was bought from Craigslist but never used at all, never been underwater either, Sold AS-IS condition. $300 firm free shipping in the USA for anybody who want it. Also free pickup if you're in San Jose Bay Area. If paying by PayPal, please use the family & Friends option or I'll refund your payment and have you do it again. Another option is add $10 for PayPal fees. $309.27 US Military both active and veteran get 15% discount, please show proof. Discount also applies for Police, firemen, and EMT. Thank you for your service. P.S. I'll post pictures when I get home.
  3. BUMP! I have two more which makes it 4 arms total. Take it all for $140, Only US sales or living in the US sorry. Military Service, police officers, Firefighters, EMT men and women get 10% off (Thank you for your Service!). Please Email me at roy_j_nguyen@yahoo.com for payment details and etc.
  4. Hi, I have two ULCS ultralight 12 inch - 1 diameter buoyancy arms, $75 dollars for both, free shipping within United States only. Only been in the water for 10 dives and decided to get shorter arms instead. Each retails for $55 so this is basically a steal.
  5. Hi, does anybody have an Aquatica housing that fits the Canon T2i housing? If you have ports, that will add some value otherwise I'll retrofit my Sea &uses housing. Please PM for details and pricing. Thanks!
  6. Hi everybody, I have a Canon EF 15 mm F/2.8 Fisheye lens for Canon mount. I don't take too many wide angles anymore as I've gone strictly to macro subject and want to give any beginner photographer a chance to own a great lens for half the price of a brand new lens. This lens was cared very well and no scratches on the lens whatsoever (see the picture). It is a fixed lens so no need for that zoom gear as well. Other then that, this lens is perfect for beginners or someone who want to have another lens in their collection. I hardly use the lens other then attempt to try and get big animals, but they tend to swim away. The price is $300 free shipping anywhere in the U.S., other countries please PM or Email me. I am the first owner of the lens and was brand new when I bought it and guarantee this lens is not a refurbish unit. Please PM or Email roy_j_nguyen@yahoo.com if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi, I have four ULCS DB-08 8 Inch Double Ball Arm and 6 floatation for sale. Price is $130 for everything and you cannot beat that price, no lowballers please. Shipping is free Priority mail 3-5 business days in the United States. Outside of the US that includes Hawaii, Alaska, and other countries please PM or E-mail me at bigfatshark@hotmail.com. U.S. Military servicemen get free automatic free shipping and $5 dollars off discount, please show proof. Thank you. Sorry for typo due to Ipad and bad keyboard.
  8. Hi, I have the Sea & sea RDX 500D camera thats ready to go underwater. The housing has the Inon Viewfinder 45 degree to make things easier to see and the standard port for the housing. Also included is the camera Canon T1i along with the 18-55mm lense and zoom unit. The asking price is $2,500 firm for the whole thing, just add strobes and you're good to go. Paypal is fine but additional fee must be included, please PM for shipping cost, will not ship international.
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