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  1. Item sold!!!! The housing has sold on ebay. Sorry to everyone who was interested.
  2. I have upgraded my system and I can no longer use this housing or the ports. I am offering the housing with ports and other equipment listed on the Ebay ad. The lenses themselves would cost more than this offer!!!!!! The unit flooded once and the electronics no longer work. (Might be able to fix this if you know some things about electronics…unfortunately, I don’t.) The ports and the housing itself are in very good condition, except for some scratches on the back of the housing which can be seen in the photo. See Ebay link below: Ebay--Jonah Housing-Canon 10D
  3. I thought they were up and running as well but Underwater Photo Tech dropped them about a year ago and when I called Ocean Brite (one of there USA contacts) they confirmed that they dropped them as well about a year ago and cannot find any more replacement parts because the owner of Jonah passed away and the company went under. I am hoping Woody may be able to help me out. Other than him, I don't know of anywhere else to turn...I was hoping someone here might have a few suggestions. Thanks
  4. Thanks...actually put a call into him earlier and have not yet heard back from him. Anyone else know anyone?
  5. I, unfortunately, made the mistake a few years ago and bought a Jonah Housing for my Canon 10D. Jonah has now gone out of business and I am stuck. This might be a fruitless effort, but: 1. Does anyone know where I can get spare parts for the Jonah housing? O-rings, etc.? Maybe a warehouse or some store with spare parts? 2. Does anyone know of a shop that will service/fix the housing in the unlucky (especially now that they are out of business!) event that I have a problem or a flood? Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hope you all like this shot...getting ready for some night ops.
  7. I appreciate everyone's help/suggestions. I wound up purchasing the SmartDisk 40GB FlashTrax. For my purposes, having an LCD screen to review my pictures after downloading them to a storage device was worth the extra money. Thanks again
  8. thanks james.... i've been able to find an image tank 2 60 gig drive for a good price (it's actually cheaper than putting it together myself!) and am wondering 2 things 1) does anyone prefer a system such as the Apacer Disc Steno CP200 instead of the Image Tank 2. If so, why? I don't think I like the cd writing style... 2) does anyone know where to find the image tank 2 60 gig drive for less than $310? thanks again for all of the help!
  9. thanks for the help so far. james, I read your review and others have told me about the Tank G2 as well. I have found a 160.0GB hard drive on sale at CompUSA for only $59.99...will the tank accept such a large hard drive? I can't find an answer to that on any web pages... if anyone knows, please let me know asap. CompUSA's sale is a 6 hour sale only (what a racket!) Thanks again
  10. I am planning a 3 week vacation vacation to Spain and Hawaii (yes, I know they are not in the same direction) in about 2 weeks and would prefer not to have to travel with my laptop. Picture corrections & adjustments will be done when I return. As such I am looking to purchase a portable storage device and need some suggestions/help. I currently shoot with a Canon 10D...what does everyone think the best option for its price is? I need to purchase it in the next few days, so repies/direction are much appreciated. Thanks
  11. I spotted this guy on a recent trip to the Bahamas. I'm curious if people like the color of the water, etc. or if you have photoshop suggestions. Thanks. It was shot with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 in a Tetra housing; 1/60 @ 7.6.
  12. This is my first attempt at catching a sun burst, so any tips/suggestions would be much appreciated. It was shot with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 in a Tetra housing; 1/414 @ 7.6. This was taken at Catalina Island, California.
  13. Any comments or suggestions welcome. Trying to learn. All were shot with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 in a Tetra housing; BTW, I know most of you don't like the frames, so no need to comment on that. It's the way we post them on our site and it's easiest for me to post them here with the frames.
  14. I just upgraded to the Cannon 10D and am selling the following set-up. It is in great condition and is only being sold because I upgraded. LIGHT AND MOTION TETRA 5000 HOUSING 1. NIKON COOLPIX 5000 2. Sea & Sea YS-90 TTL Duo STROBE (Sync cord included) 3. Wetmate Wide-angle Lens (100 degrees) 4. 4 BATTERY PACKS 5. EXTRA "O" RINGS 6. PELICAN CASE: 1520 w/custom foam 7. MANUALS It is currently posted on ebay at the following link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...MESSE%3AIT&rd=1 Asking for $2000
  15. Thanks again for all of the replies. If cost were no factor, I'd get the subal. Unfortunately, however, it is and I still can't find a good enough reason to justify the additional costs for what I am trying to do. I think I'm gonna go with the Jonah housing. I'm pricing it now and maybe by next week I be able to post what happened. Thanks again for all of the input...and you still have a few days to help me change my mind
  16. Nice shots indeed. I'm shooting the coolpix in the L&M tetra housing and am curious as to your strobe setting. Manual or TTL?
  17. do u have the link for the english version of the press release?
  18. Thanks for all of the advice. I think I am leaning towards the Jonah now. For my purposes the dramatic price gap for the subal isn't justified by the few additional features. I'll keep everyone posted. Any suggestions on where I can get the cheapest jonah housing? Or are the standard places (UWphoto,etc.) the best route?
  19. mila, no pics are displayed. try reposting.
  20. Eric, so which one are u suggesting? I have spoke to a few people and they have told me that jonah has worked out their initial "problems." does anyone dive with this housing? is it any good?
  21. Thanks for the advice so far. I priced the subal and jonah housing today and I found the subal for around $4700 and the jonah around $2000. The only really big difference between the two that I can see is the glass vs. plastic domes. Is it worth the $2700 for glass or is the jonah going to give me what I'm looking for. I'd prefer to save the cash and go with the jonah, but in two months I don't want to regret it and be trying to buy the subal housing anyway. What do you think? And does anyone know a cheaper place to purchase the housings?
  22. I recently purchased a Canon 10 D and am trying to decide on a housing for it. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on one that they either have or have heard about? Is the Subal really worth the price or can I go with a less expensive manufacturer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Any comments or suggestions welcome. Trying to learn. Both were shot with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 in a Tetra housing; Gray angel shot at 1/60 @ f6.3, YS90 @ full. Nudibranch shot at 1/60 @ f5.7, YS90 @ full.
  24. Thanks for the comments. Cybergoldfish, I like the changes that you made...do you remember what you did? I'd like to try them on my original. As for the frames, it seems like most people posting to this site don't like them and I'm not too sure why. I kind of like them. I think it presents the picture as most people would display them on a wall or somewhere else. Am I wrong in my thinking? Or is it because in "Photo critique" we are only concerned about the picture itself? Please let me know. My website www.deepdiscovery.com has all of our pictures framed. Do you think I should change them to frameless images? Comments would be appreciated.
  25. I took the the manta ray shot off the coast of Oahu and the shark shot during a trip with Stuart Cove's in the Bahamas. Both were shot with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 in a Tetra housing; 1/125 @ f4.4, YS90 @ full. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm using photoshop elements v2.0. I'm a newbie trying to learn....
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