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  1. Thanks Marli for your advise, maybe I will look elsewhere in the Bahamas Steve
  2. Hi, Has anyone been to Ridding Rock on San Salvador ? Im thinking of heading down there in july and am looking for some feed back on how it is and what to expect from the diving in that neck of the woods? Thanks Steve
  3. Belize City........keep away if I were you,stay out on one of the cayes,Caye Corker is pretty laid back and from there try and get out to Half moon Caye.All the operators run day trips.Vis can be up and down so I would have my mind set on some macro,but if you have a lucky day then the walls can be awesome for wide angle shooting.Having dove all around the caribbean I was disappointed with the fish life in Belize.I spent a year and a half working on a liveaboard based out of Belize city. Steve
  4. Talk to Vinny at Dive Adventures,he has been on the island for years.He also lived on saba and can tell you loads about it.If you dive saba without a doubt dive with Sea saba the contact therre is Lynn, shes awesome. Tell them Steve & Erin put you in touch with them, they should remember us. Steve
  5. check out www.explorerventures.com they have a boat called Nimrod based out of Carins. I think Jim Merrell and Sue Bertrum still manage the operation in Oz. Steve
  6. I would look very closely at landbased packages as if you are on a budget a liveaboard may be the cheaper way to go as pretty much once you are on the vessel evrything has been paid for. If the weather is good in Cayman then you will get to dive all 3 islands. Alex is dead right about the east end,its a great spot. Cayman has so much,it all comes down to what YOU want from your trip. The main thing,get there some how and it will be an awesome experience. Steve
  7. Hi, I think I'm right in saying the Cayman Aggressor is the only liveaboard in the cayman islands.Im sure they will have some deals as its the off season (if the caymans really has an off season).Its anawesome trip. Check www.aggressor.com. Steve
  8. Hi William Having lived throughout the caribbean for the last 12 years,its a tough answer.I agree on posts with regard to the Caymans and Bonaire. To be honest having just left Belize after being there for one and a half years I was a little dissapointed. One place to look at is Saba,I have seen everything from frog fish to manta and whales there.The offshore pinnicles are awesome.If you need any information drop me a line. Steve
  9. Laz and Tom, I wanted to thank you for your advise. Quiescence are a very good operator to dive in this area with. I would recomend them to anyone going to this area. There were 3 of us on the boat,so there was more than enough room(it was like a private charter). The Spiegal Grove had a strong current running and the vis was fairly low which made shooting a challenge,plus I had to help out a fellow diver,so I did not come away with the pictures I was hoping for ,all the more reason to return. We did one dive at the Grove and then moved to the wreck of the Benwood,a shallow dive with little to no current. Thanks again, Steve
  10. Hey William, I have used a Uwatec Ultra computer for the last 4 years and I love it.3 to 4 dives a day whilst working on a Liveaboard and no worries Wrist mounts work well with a camera in hand.Its Nitrox compatible and does not default to 21% each time it turns itself off. Steve
  11. Thanks Laz and Tom for your replies .I have booked with Quiescence,looking forward to it.I will drop you a line when i get back. Steve
  12. Hi , Im looking to dive the Spegal Grove this weekend and wondered if anyone could recomend a good operator to head out with. Thanks Steve
  13. james, i have some friends that dive south aussie and they use the 4mm crushed neoprene suit made by Appollo and rave about them.The dump valve in the ankle is something they enjoy.They might be worth a look. Steve
  14. Hi Guys I have been shooting the Titan since June/July 03 and have had an awesome time with it.How many dives you may ask?,3 to 4 dives a day on the Belize Aggressor up until october so lets say thats 300 dives and its been working great for me. Lets be fair to Rod ,when he is on an Aggressor he is teaching guests and so often has 6 to 8 other housings to take care of as well as his own,so life can be fairly hectic.I can say this as I have worked along side him. I have flooded other housings before and its always because I was in a rush to get in the water and made a mistake, ask any photgrapher who works on a liveaboard its hardly ever the equipment,its the user. No I'm not a Light and Motion dealer,but they put out a fine product. Steve
  15. I use the D100 in the Light and motion Titan housing which gives me 7 settings for strobe control through the camera,you can use any manufactures port with this housing ,so although you do not have TTL,it gives you a great lighting range.Give up TTL you will get so much more control. Steve
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