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  1. Hello, I have a Canon Digital Elph s300 camera with a Canon s100(?) underwater housing and I am in the process of ordering a Ikelite DS50 strobe package. The sales person that I am dealing with recommended using a manual sensor instead of the wireless TTL slave, because he said that his experience in general (not with the s300) was that the auto sensing was inaccurate (a camera issue not a DS50 issue) and it was easier to adjust the intensity of the manual sensor than the intensity of the wireless TTL slave. Adjusting intensity for the manual sensor is just a matter of turning a knob on the strobe itself, whereas adjusting instensity for the wireless TTL slave means bringing up a menu on the camera itself and changing f-stop and/or film speed. I like simplicity, and therefore am inclined towards the wireless TTL slave. My question is, has anyone out there tried and had good sucess with a Canon s300/DS50 with a TTL wireless slave, or is the recommendation to go manual? Thanks, Ed
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