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  1. Thanks for the WA lens suggestion, 6 weeks till Coz got to get this rig ready to go.
  2. I have been told that the ttl will only work with the oly strobe.
  3. My PT- 030 is smaller than my PT-015 well the bayonet size. Who has a WA lens for the smaller diameter? And the housing has a TTL conection never knew that!! Till it arrived does it work with the SP-350 thru the hot shoe? Still not done reading the 195pg CD "advance manual".
  4. Ok sorry started to read the book found out my problem operator error!! I will finish reading the ops manual before I bother you folks again. I SORRY.
  5. Hi OK it arrived yesterday my SP-350 I am sitting here tonight playing with it. I saved the post to keep the screen from going black/dark. Ok off topic heres what I want to know is why when I take a photo it does not appear on the screen like my 5050 so I can delete? You know take photo look at it and keep or delete. When I go to the "green triangle " for play back and try to delete it says quick print hook to computer- yes I have not read the book yet - you guys faster than I can read. Thanks
  6. My SP-350 will arrive Monday. After reading all the posts I guess I need to order some rechargable CRV3 batterys? Which ones are the best to buy any thoughts please. Thanks
  7. Help I just recieved the oly c5050z with the pt-015 and a sea&sea ys-25 dx strobe. here is my ? the strobe did not come with a pattern to cut out of velcro for the pt-015 to mount the fiber optic cable to the camera housing. how should I hook up the cable to the housing? Could I drill a hole in the diffuser panel that is mounted to the housing by three little screws and make the hole the correct size for the grommet?
  8. Just ordered the PT-015 housing for the oly c5050. Now I need a strobe and arm set up,looking at the new sea&sea ys90dx with a fiber optic cable.Is this a good or bad deal? Tray and arm setup no clue-suggestions please! I am going to post this and shop for the c5050 and check back later so I can decide with your help and go after the rest. 5 weeks till Bonaire. Thanks dom
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