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  1. It is yours. PM me with your info so I can calculate shipping.
  2. I have the following items for sale. They were lightly used and always well rinsed. Inon 165AD macro lens $110 Inon 165AD macro lens $110 Inon 105AD wide angle lens $220 Inon AD mount double lens caddy $30 Inon AD mount used with an Olympus SP-350 housing $40 UCLS tray and handle $55 Or $450 for everything Buyer pays shipping.
  3. I decided to make the jump to DSLR so I am selling my trusty Olympus set up. Includes: Olympus SP-350 Camera. 8MP Can shot RAW and Manual Olympus PT-30 housing ULCS tray and handle Inon AD mount for wet lenses 1G Olympus XD card 2 rechargeable CR-V batteries and charger 2 Inon 165AD macro lens Inon 105AD wide angle lens Inon AD mount double lens caddy This is an excellent starter set. Never been flooded and always well rinsed . $850 Shipping not included. Might consider selling pieces separate.
  4. For Roatan I would suggest the macro lens. You could spend a life time shooting only macro there. Not too much big stuff for the WA lens with the exception of general reef shots.
  5. You could try ScubaBoard that is where I posted mine yesterday.
  6. For Wide angle you attaching one arm on a left handle and one on the right side of the housing? Sounds like a good compromise.
  7. I just upgraded to a Canon 40d and am thinking of getting a Seatool housing. Is anyone mounting their strobe arms directly to the housing. If so do you feel like you still get the same stability as with a tray/arm configuration. I really like the idea of keeping the set up compact but wonder about the practicality.
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