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  1. @buddy: Read, Learn, Follow...and you will get answers on all your questions! Thank you Adam for great announcement: http://www.wetpixel.com/articles/subal-announces-housing-for-nikon-d5
  2. SUBAL is the first worldwide to present the NIKON D5 housing! Since 1954 SUBAL has been pioneering the development of underwater equipment to answer to the underwater photographer's needs. The SUBAL ND5 is the latest innovation in our product line. More info soon. Expected delivery time end of February 2016!
  3. It is great to hear that Subal announced their housing for Sony Alpha 7 II . It is very small housing with all functions, very ergonomic and goes down to 120 Meter ( in Tec version )! All ports of the Subal System in size 3 can be used on it. Dimensions of the housing are: 216x155x116mm - 1,2 kg
  4. I would like to share my Red Bull Photography special photoshooting project. It is not underwater but it is WATER Everything made by SUBAL ND4 housing with NIKON D4 camera inside! Highlight pictures, videos and all making of process you can find on this link http://www.redbullphotography.com/projects/bmx-w2d Also I just posted on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/PredragVuckovicExtremePhotographer I hope that you will like it I know that most of the people here are only underwater photographers but maybe can be interesting for something different. Thanks for visiting and sharing! Very best regards!
  5. Grand Cayman is always more than amazing place for UW photography...especially with Ocean Frontiers...can't wait to go again there
  6. Advertising "SUBAL" shooting from yesterday...with my new black toy
  7. Yes...two more sockets on the side..
  8. They are still yet in their grey color. This housing is custom made for me (that's reason why is black ).
  9. First piece of SUBAL ND4...is in my hands Also super professional SUBAL team fixed my ZEN port from Sea&Sea to SUBAL and now everything is ready for first dives...I can't wait P.S. This housing is on MUCH, MUCH higher level then all other housings!
  10. Hey Alex, As always your pictures are totally unreal! It is more than wonderful to have outcome like this from underwater specialist like you. Now I like much more my D4 and I can't wait to get my SUBAL housing! Good luck on Iceland for the rest of your trip! I am really looking forward for more fantastic pictures from there! All the best, Predrag Vuckovic www.extreme-photographer.com
  11. Finally I got answer on my e-mail from S&S: Hello- SEA&SEA is certainly still producing housings, however, the next new housings are for the Nikon D800 and Canon 5DMKIII. There are no plans to make a Nikon D4 housing, we are sorry. Best Regards, ---- SEA&SEA U/W Imaging
  12. This is picture of my ZEN mount for S&S. Is it possible to change it (I am thinking yes...but I don't know how look any other mount for some other housings)? P.S. I didn't get still yet any answer from S&S company about my question about UW housing for D4!!!
  13. Drew...don't worry! Everything I sorted out with private messages Thank you so much for WP support Srećno ! Concerning the D4 housing...I will wait for final announce from producers...I am looking forward for best choice! For some urgent shootings I will take from my friend S&S housing for my D3!
  14. Thank you David for this info! Definitely this is not my choice In this moment I have to wait....and what I really know is "I want to buy the best housing on the market for Nikon D4"! What it will be we will see The other thing I need to watch for compatibility with my equipment (Zen port, YS250pro flashes...etc). P.S. I got some PP messages with offers for some other housings for some other cameras. Please don't send me any that kind of offers! I am really only looking forward for NIKON D4 UW housing As Alex already explained I am not doing just the regular UW photography! In any case thanks (below are samples what for I need Nikon D4).
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