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    Subal D10

    Hi, im selling my Subal D10 Housing (Nikon D100). It's in perfect condition, never flooded. Accepting offers. Best Regards. P.S the item is in Portugal so be aware of the shipment costs
  2. Hello, im selling a Canon G5 Camera Ikelite Housing Flash Arm Ikelite D50 Flash Sync cord Flash Dual handle Single Handle 3 Battery Battery Charger Flat port Some more accessories More information: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/5can_g3.html This haver everything you need to start underwater diving, is 100% working, never flooded, every buttons are working, all functions working, toke good care. Price £500. Any questions, please send me a private message. Best Regards.
  3. Hello. How much for the #4100.5 TTL slave sensor for Ikelite DS-series ?? Thanks. My best regards
  4. Hello, im newbie to underwater photography, i have recently bought powershot G5, but im having some problems tuning the camera configuration. When i shot, the pictures sometimes stay to much blur or with too much flash. I can't experience for know all the options in the camera, because my battery's are not working well, i can only do some 20 shots and the battery runs out . The knew battery is going to take awhile to get to me, so i was wondering if you can share some configuration of your camera, so that i can try to have a basic configuration, and try, and see what results comes out. My Gear: Ikelite Housing Canon Powershot G5 Ds-50 Strobe Ikelite housing with double handle strobe mount Flash Sensor. Best Regards
  5. i use Aladin PRO, very simple but does the trick. I don't agree on buying a dive computer so that you don't to worry about your air or depth. Don't trust to much on your computer, always be careful, use gauges anyway, check them, check the computer, i know how distracting can photography can be but i always keep in mind to check my air and depth, and i try to avoid decompression dives.
  6. yuris


    well i can't afford D70s, but they will lower the price, because D300 and D2x are out there but the housing and accessories for the D50 is a bit expensive. But i can't do underwater photography with film cameras, so i bought a Cannon G5 with ikelite housing and DS50 ikelite strobe, i will try to improve my underwater photography and at the same time save some money to buy lens for the D50 and the housing setup. For what i read cannon G5 it's a nice camera for underwater.
  7. yuris


    Hello, thanks for the reply. Nice photos you have there . What is your DX-D50 Setup?
  8. yuris


    hello, i have been saving money to buy a SEA&SEA housing to nikon D50 with lens 18mm-55mm, and YS 110 Strobe. But i was searching for people that might been using this to underwater photography, but i can't find anyone. Is this camera not a very good choice to underwater photography in matter of SLR digital cameras? will this housing work with lens extension rings, for a better "macro"? Meanwhile im searching for a compact digital + housing, i think im going to buy Cannon G5 + Ikilite housing with DS50 Strobe, what you think about this camera?
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