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  1. Sounds good. I'm definitely interested. I'm out of town for the weekend but I'll be in touch on Monday. I know where to find you! Laz
  2. I'm interested, Walt. Is the shade removable?
  3. I've got a Nauticam Canon 7D setup sitting in a camera bag not getting any use. I used this setup for 6 years without a scratch on any lens or dings on the camera body. The housing was never flooded but saw many adventures (worn but in perfect working order). The package includes: Canon 7D body Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens Canon 100mm USM macro lens (non IS version) Sigma 50mm 2.8 macro lens Canon 10-18mm lens Canon 55-250mm lens Tamron Pro 1.4 teleconverter Canon 420EX flash Nauticam Canon 7D housing Nauticam zoom gears for Tokina 10-17mm (2nd gear for use with 1.4TC) and manual focus gear for Canon 100mm macro Nauticam to Subal port adapter Subal mini-dome Asking $2200 for everything. If you have any questions you can inquiry here or at http://thelivingsea.com/email Thanks for looking! Laz Ruda TheLivingSea.com
  4. Price drop to $2500.
  5. Sorry, I'm not selling the viewfinder or port.
  6. Selling my Nauticam D810 housing purchased new at the end of December 2015. Always well loved and in perfect working order. Some of the white paint around the name and label has come off. Never flooded or dropped. Includes the vacuum check valve system. Not included in the price is the dome port or the magnifying eyepiece shown in the photograph. Selling because I have decided to switch to a crop sensor camera. Asking $2,950 USD Located in West Palm Beach, FL. Please contact me here or via my web site: http://www.thelivingsea.com/email
  7. I have a B+W 67mm XS-Pro Kaesemann Circular Polarizer with Multi-Resistant Nano Coating that I have only used for one shoot and it is just sitting around not getting much use. It is in like-new condition with no scratches. Bought it new for $118.90. Selling for $85 plus shipping. PM me here or send me a message via: http://www.thelivingsea.com/email/
  8. Thank you for the explanation, Drew. I was at 100ft when I took that footage so that makes sense. I will try shooting at different depths next time and see its effects. Is this a common problem that plagues most/all video cameras when shooting underwater? What are your thoughts on using a GD filter underwater? Do you think this could help reduce such banding or is it simply the limitation of 420? I appreciate your time and help.
  9. I was wondering if you have had any better results with the blue color banding issue with the GH2? I filmed with a hacked GH2 (Sanity 5) for the first time today and although the camera produces amazing details, the midwater colors with any sun in it looks terrible. [vimeohd]44173975[/vimeohd] I wonder if there is anything that can help improve this issue or if it is just a limitation of the smaller sensor and its dynamic range. Berkeley White's (backscatter.com) video of the wild spotted dolphins in the Bahamas has a sequence with the sun in the shot and the image holds up a heck of a lot better. His footage was taken with the Canon 5D Mark II. Berkeley White's video: [vimeohd]23950185[/vimeohd]
  10. Still available for sale
  11. Selling my spare Inon Z240 Type III strobe. Includes diffuser, spare o-ring, and plenty of good mojo. $525 plus shipping in the continental US only. Please send me an email if interested.
  12. In like-new condition without any scratches. Asking $290 plus shipping. Please email me or PM me here if interested.
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