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  1. Sounds good. I'm definitely interested. I'm out of town for the weekend but I'll be in touch on Monday. I know where to find you! Laz
  2. I'm interested, Walt. Is the shade removable?
  3. I've got a Nauticam Canon 7D setup sitting in a camera bag not getting any use. I used this setup for 6 years without a scratch on any lens or dings on the camera body. The housing was never flooded but saw many adventures (worn but in perfect working order). The package includes: Canon 7D body Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens Canon 100mm USM macro lens (non IS version) Sigma 50mm 2.8 macro lens Canon 10-18mm lens Canon 55-250mm lens Tamron Pro 1.4 teleconverter Canon 420EX flash Nauticam Canon 7D housing Nauticam zoom gears for Tokina 10-17mm (2nd gear for use with 1.4TC) and manual focus gear for Canon 100mm macro Nauticam to Subal port adapter Subal mini-dome Asking $2200 for everything. If you have any questions you can inquiry here or at http://thelivingsea.com/email Thanks for looking! Laz Ruda TheLivingSea.com
  4. Price drop to $2500.
  5. Sorry, I'm not selling the viewfinder or port.
  6. Selling my Nauticam D810 housing purchased new at the end of December 2015. Always well loved and in perfect working order. Some of the white paint around the name and label has come off. Never flooded or dropped. Includes the vacuum check valve system. Not included in the price is the dome port or the magnifying eyepiece shown in the photograph. Selling because I have decided to switch to a crop sensor camera. Asking $2,950 USD Located in West Palm Beach, FL. Please contact me here or via my web site: http://www.thelivingsea.com/email
  7. I have a B+W 67mm XS-Pro Kaesemann Circular Polarizer with Multi-Resistant Nano Coating that I have only used for one shoot and it is just sitting around not getting much use. It is in like-new condition with no scratches. Bought it new for $118.90. Selling for $85 plus shipping. PM me here or send me a message via: http://www.thelivingsea.com/email/
  8. Thank you for the explanation, Drew. I was at 100ft when I took that footage so that makes sense. I will try shooting at different depths next time and see its effects. Is this a common problem that plagues most/all video cameras when shooting underwater? What are your thoughts on using a GD filter underwater? Do you think this could help reduce such banding or is it simply the limitation of 420? I appreciate your time and help.
  9. I was wondering if you have had any better results with the blue color banding issue with the GH2? I filmed with a hacked GH2 (Sanity 5) for the first time today and although the camera produces amazing details, the midwater colors with any sun in it looks terrible. [vimeohd]44173975[/vimeohd] I wonder if there is anything that can help improve this issue or if it is just a limitation of the smaller sensor and its dynamic range. Berkeley White's (backscatter.com) video of the wild spotted dolphins in the Bahamas has a sequence with the sun in the shot and the image holds up a heck of a lot better. His footage was taken with the Canon 5D Mark II. Berkeley White's video: [vimeohd]23950185[/vimeohd]
  10. Still available for sale
  11. Selling my spare Inon Z240 Type III strobe. Includes diffuser, spare o-ring, and plenty of good mojo. $525 plus shipping in the continental US only. Please send me an email if interested.
  12. In like-new condition without any scratches. Asking $290 plus shipping. Please email me or PM me here if interested.
  13. I am selling my used Appple iPod Touch 32 GB (3rd Generation) for $145. The screen has a screen protector and has no scratches. The back has some scuff marks. I will include a leather Belkin case and cables. Contact me here or private message me here.
  14. I have sold the Reefnet diopter and dropping the price of the Sea & Sea YS-120 strobe to $220.
  15. Thanks for your input, guys. I really appreciate it and will certainly work your advise into my videos.
  16. I have a Sea & Sea YS-120 strobe for sale at $280. This is a backup strobe that got very little use and is in like new condition. I am missing the diffuser for the strobe. I also have a ReefNet SubSee +10 magnifier with a Subal flat port adapter for $220. The glass is impeccable with no scratches. Prices do not include shipping & insurance. Please PM me here or contact me if you are interested.
  17. I have officially been bitten by the video bug and I am enjoying the trials and tribulations of going from still photography to video (film?) with my Canon 7D. There is tons for me yet to learn and, as I did back in the age of the dinosaurs when I started shooting stills, I find the best way to learn is to let others share their thoughts and ideas on ways I can improve. So, without further ado, here is a video I recently put together from yesterday's dive: [vimeohd]20951737[/vimeohd] Everything was shot with the Canon 7D and a Tokina 10-17 with a 1.4 TC. Shot at a depth of 60ft with about 30-40ft of horizontal visibility (I'm guessing this has to do with haziness of it). I found that I had to crank the ISO to 800 so I can have a decent exposure (I know... I should have shot at multiples of 160 for better noise reduction.. I wasn't thinking). I was shooting at 60p, 1/125 sec and f / 6.3. Focus was attained by focus-locking on my fin (old school method that seems to work okay most of the time). No lights were used; I simply white-balanced around 30ft as anything deeper seems to fluoresce the colors too much to my liking. Some post processing (color balance, whites, & mids) was done in Final Cut. So... Hack away! Any advise, suggestions or good jokes are greatly appreciated. I am a total newbie with the video stuff so I appreciate any comments from the more knowledgable bunch. Much appreciated!
  18. Brilliant! It's good to hear that spotted eels are feeding on lionfish. I did see one spotted eel attempt to feed on a lionfish I was photographing in Palm Beach, but it quickly lost interest. While we do have mutton snappers in Palm Beach, unfortunately they are heavily targeted by spear fisherman. This might stand as a good reason to protect them a little better. Hopefully other predator fish will learn to associate the lionfish as prey. A friend of mine attempted to feed a large green moray a lionfish (after we removed the venomous spines) this week and it was extremely hesitant to eat it. It eventually did, though. Do you know the name of any of the Cozumel operators that are seeing the predation of lionfish by snappers? I would really like to speak to them. My question still remains, though... Does anything feed on an adult scorpionfish? From what I've read these have a more potent venom than do the lionfish.
  19. With all the hype on lionfish invading our local waters in Palm Beach I was wondering... Has anyone ever seen (photographed!), read, or heard any stories of any animal that has fed on a scorpionfish (in any of the oceans)? I have seen goliath groupers feed on poisonous pufferfish so perhaps they would have some immunity to the venom of scorpionfish / lionfish. Eels? I can't seem to find anything online. Just curious...
  20. I found this strange little guy yesterday while dive at Phil Foster park (Palm Beach, FL). It was approximately 2 inches long. Its tail came to a sharp point and it swirled its dorsal fin in a circular manner similar to a lancer dragonette. It could also bury itself almost instantaneously like a star gazer. Any ideas? I don't think I've ever seen one of these little guys before and I couldn't locate it in the fish id books.
  21. I've noticed since I switched to shooting with fiber optic cables that most of my close up or macro shots have a very distinctive yellow cast to the image when imported into Lightroom. I am shooting with both the 20D and 7D, taking advantage of it TTL capabilities with the Inon strobes. Both cameras are set to AWB. The fix is simple enough -- I have to set the white balance to Auto instead of As Shot on my images (done during importing). Sometimes the Flash option for white balance works well, too. That appears to take care of the issue most of the time, but sometimes I am forced to manually white balance. I'm curious to know... Has anyone else had this problem? I'm assuming that the Inon's must be making the auto white balance of the Canons go out of whack. I never had this issue when using electrical sync cords.
  22. Thanks for the nice compliments everyone. It's amazing how quickly news travels around here. The new stations did a follow up story interviewing me and the captain who had his own story to tell about his topside encounter with the gator. It will be interesting to see how they edit what we had to say to go along with the story. I'm always afraid they will sensationalize the story into something more than it is. Chris - I was out diving on the deep reef at Breakers, not near the buoys. I have been seeing an amazing school of big tarpon around the buoys. With the white sand and crystal clear water that school of tarpon would make for a stunning photograph. Feel free to post a link however you like. Todd - When you think you're close... get closer! I help rid you of that unwarranted gator fear next time you're down here, buddy.
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