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  1. i'm not sure exactly when they were purchased, i got the payment early evening and verified it this AM. i was not aware of your interest until late last night. i think this has more to do with how i read my email, and the fact that it is not possible to access the wetpixel site from a mobile device. as you know the wetpixel site is difficult to navigate, especially for selling (it ain't ebay), at least for me, as i rarely use it. rob
  2. i have another pair i'd be interested to sell. the are newer and they are also type 4. $500 for both if you are interested. rob
  3. These strobes have been sold. Thanks for all the interest.
  4. 2 used Inon Type 2 240Z Strobes. In good working condition, but they have been well used. Still working great. SN 284041 and 284483 I am the original owner. $300 for both. Free shipping in USA. I can send more photos, this application would only me upload a few.
  5. About 10 dives on this viewfinder. It's in very good shape.
  6. 2 Sunray 1000 LED lights 2 Battery Packs 2 Rechargable Batteries Battery Recharger All for Light and Motion Bluefin Video Housing for Sony HDR-HC9 Best offer will be considered. I want these to go to a good home!!!
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