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  1. ok so how weird is this: Holding the slave cable end directly to the built in flash of the Nikon I get the same results: The strobe only fires at a fixed power level and setting it to any of the manual power settings or even setting it on FULL has no effect - it just fires at the same fixed level (quite low) But, Holding the slave cable against the built in flash on my point and shoot (sony DSCW7) it works as it should (manual power levels and full) Just to make it even more strange if I set the Nikon built in flash to TTL the strobe works correctly... So it apears that the D200 built in flash (in manual mode) isnt powerful enough to properly triggert the strobe??? HELP!!!!
  2. Hi Serge, no magnet as I bought 2nd hand...ill get one and give it a try Thats right the strobes fire but always at same (low) power. Left button on M and makes no difference where right button is.
  3. Hi forum, I have been trying to use a pair of Inon D2000S with my Nikon D200 (using fibre optic cables) with min to no success. I am facing the following issues: 1) With internal camera flash setting to TTL and Strobes set to TTL the strobes fire TTL but fire too late or too soon for the camera to catch them. 2) With the camera flash setting to manual and Strobes set to manual the strobes fire at the right time but they fire at a fixed power (ie changing the strobe manual power setting has no effect!) Help!!! Am I using the right settings? Is there some other setting i need to adjust ??? Cheers Mike
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