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  1. Hi, I have almost decided on what underwater kit to purchase for my Nikon Coolpix 995, but maybe someone can help me with some advice before I go for it. This is my first foray into U/W photography, and I would really appreciate feedback to ensure I have all the bits and pieces I need, and that they will work well together. Housing – Ikelite #6177 (reason: the transparent case allows TTL flash should I want to use it, versus the Aquatica housing. Plus I’m not too sure about the 45 degree angle of the screen in the Aquatica. Other housings were too pricey, also I have read that Ikelite have excellent service) Strobe – Sea & Sea YS-90 DX (reason : substantially lower cost than the Ikelite DS-125. Plus 9 power levels should give a lot of flexibility.) Sync Cord – Sea & Sea #17100 5 pin cord. (reason : two-way communication with strobe, plus no need to use the internal flash to trigger the strobe will help poor CP995 battery performance) Arm – I have no idea what would be the most suitable arm for this setup. Can anyone advise on a moderately priced arm which will allow future upgrading? (if such a thing exists!) And maybe Wide Angle Lens – Sea & Sea #58070. (The Aquatica equivalent is more expensive, but I believe both would fit the Ikelite housing) I would really appreciate feedback on the above. Have I left anything out? Will the setup work well? Many thanks,
  2. Hi, I was on the point of buying the Ikelite housing for my Coolpix 995, when the Aquatica housing was released. The price is similar, so the choice is even more difficult! I like the ergonomics of the Aquatica, but the transparent polycarbonate of the Ikelite means that the internal flash can be used to trigger strobes, and also that TTL can be used. Any other major differences which can help me make this difficult choice? All tips and advice would be appreciated. The strobe I will buy will probably be the Sea&Sea YS90 DX. Thanks
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