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  1. Ok, I think I get it now. When the strobe is set in sTTL the strobe will control the exposure regardless of whether I am in manual, program, auto, or whatever. Right? I think my confusion about manual arose because with my old setup, I had to shoot in manual and adjust the aperature, shutterspeed and strobe output all manually, and get lucky in order to get the correct exposure. With this Inon strobe I can shoot in manual and adjust my shutter speed and aperature, and the strobe will figure out the correct exposure. This will be so much easier! I can't wait to get in the water! Bob
  2. Thanks for those suggestions, Phil. I will definitely try those out. I was hoping to be able to use the TTL and not have to do as much fiddling with manual settings. So I guess my question is if I have the strobe set on TTL and the dial set on 2.8 as you suggest, do I need to set the camera's ISO, aperature and shutter speed in manual mode, or can I use the auto or Program modes and set the camera set these for me. Or should I use the aperature or shutter priority modes. The camera also has a few special underwater modes. I wonder if these are worth exploring. Thanks again. Robert
  3. Well, I just got my new gear based on recommendations here. I got the Inon Z-240 to go with my Olympus E-410 along with the optical cable. Now I just need to figure out how to work it. I think I get the settings on the strobe, but what settings should I use on the camera. I know I have to force the flash, but do you shoot in auto, program, manual, shutter or aperature priority. Also, there are some underwatter settings that you can use. What about those. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and sorry for the newbie question, but with my old rig I could only shoot in manual, and I am not used to this sTTL stuff.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Right now, I am leaning towards the Inon strobes. I guess my question would be is there any advantage to getting some kind of converter and connecting the strobe directly, or do the optical connectors allow for TTL or sone other kind of automatic exposure control, and do they work just as well?
  5. Hi Everyone! Just joined this forum. Seems like lots of knowlegable people here. Would love to hear some suggestions. I am currently shooting an Olympus 3030 with a Light & Motion housing and a Nikon strobe. My set up is getting a little long in the tooth. (3.3 megapixel) I would like to upgrade. I think I nave figured out the camera and housing, but I would like some opinions about strobes & arms etc. I am thinking of getting the Olympus E-410 with the PT-E03 housing. Seems like a reasonable set up for the price. My question is what kind of strobe to use with this camera. Does anyone have some recommendations based on experience? Inon and Sea&Sea seem popular. Are there others? I would like TTL. currently I am shooting in manual. Is fiberoptic connection the way to go, or is there a wired connector? Also what kind of strobe arms would you use? Do I need the olympus strobe flash connector, or is there an aftermarket connector set up? If anybody has this camera and housing, I would love to know what you have and how it is set up. I will probably start with one strobe, and maybe add a second later. Pictures would be great, too. Lastly, where to buy the strobes and arms. Being in St. Louis, there aren't really any stores that sell this stuff, so I can't really look at it. I have found some online stores for the camera and housing, but not for strobes and arms etc. Thanks in advance for your replies. Robert
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