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  1. Hi folks, am heading to the US for a work conference, but have an extra week to do something fun (diving!) - so after suggestions on where to dive. I'll be in San Diego, but don't have to stay there :-) Cheers ! Leander
  2. great images, looks like an awesome experience! thanks for sharing =)
  3. Well its official ! it was a stauromedusae .. and its been published as a new species in a paper by Carolina Zagal from UTAS ! SO EXCITING !!! http://eprints.utas.edu.au/11818/ WooT !
  4. Cheers Tim For me it was more a case of being starry eyed than cross eyed hehe - but they really are string with eyes the aperture ... ummm wrong computer for exif ... I'll get back to ya
  5. Cheers Mike Is it Kyonemichthys rumengani ?? Hey Marli, I like Mae better ... maybe all the soft focus and warm lighting
  6. Hi, just wondering if someone could confirm this critter, the "Lembeh Seadragon", is the sp Kyonemichthys rumengani. Also what type of syngnathid is it considered to be (ie pygmy piphorse?) Seen at Lembeh a few weeks ago ]
  7. Hi Roland ! Nice to see you here
  8. What sort of diving would you be doing, especially what will the vis be like? 100 or 105mm -type lenses need good clean water to shoot through. Also you might find something like the 50mm easier to manage generally if you are just starting out I started with a 60mm macro (Nikon tho) and it is still my favourite lens
  9. Hey Darren, yeah sorry too. Hmmm I had a little problem with my boat ... my buddies wanted steering Heard you had a good weekend?? I hope the vis was kind generally I think we have a pretty even mix in Jervis Bay ... in fact the girls might just pip the guys ... but none of the other girls are here on wp ...
  10. I think I prefer DeanB's show tunes to that other cr*p about women ... and I HATE show tunes
  11. Ajith, I've found that the battery packs need cleaning as salt, sand, and such can tend to accumulate under the moving part of the lock (even when the strobe is rinsed after every dive. You can get access by gently pulling the black "lever" away from the battery pack. If you are confident you can carefully flush or wipe it out. HTH Lndr
  12. Hey Cal, congratulations on your gold !! Awesome effort Congratulations to all the photographers
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