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  1. Makes you wonder why anybody would want to drink that stuff .....
  2. Thanks very much for the detailed information Pavel!
  3. Hi Pavel. I am sure you are right but I just wanted to double check because I couldn't find any more info on this flash trigger. Does the electric connection support TTL for sure? And is rear curtain supported in both modes? Thanks for any info
  4. Thanks Larry. I have come to the same conclusion
  5. Does any body know if the following port adapters exist? 1. Subal housing type 3 mount to Seacam port 2. Aquatica housing to Seacam port Thanks for any info
  6. Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately the sports equipment allowance doesnt exist anymore. Hoping we will be able to sign up for Belama on arrival in Brisbane as that seems like the only way we might be able to get a break.
  7. Got a Bilikiki trip coming up soon. Trying to figure out getting all our gear there without paying a fortune in overweight charges. Their Website says only 30kg check in and 7 kg carry on. You can get an extra 10kg if you join their Belama Club but we have run into broken web links and unanswered phone calls trying to sign up. Has anybody been recently? Just wondering how strictly they apply their limits and in particular the carry ons. Any tips appreciated
  8. So then that brings up the question: which system is better and would a higher vacuum pressure baseline be better than a lower one?
  9. Rats! Must have been very close as there is only a 1 milimeterr difference in size! Has anyone tried it in a Aquatica housing? I havent been able to get my hands on the 80D yet so havent tried for myself
  10. Has anybody laid hands on the 80D? Just wondering if it may fit in a 70D housing???
  11. Beautiful pics Erwin - well done! Four emperor shrimp in one frame must be some sort of a record!
  12. Amazing stuff Dustin considering how elusive some of those creatures are. Masterful lighting effects as well. But the ending ..... yikes !!! :nea:
  13. So how about somebody makes an adjustable viewfinder for the best of both worlds eh Steve!
  14. What about the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro? it seems to tick many boxes including QHD resolution, computing power and weight. It looks very nice in the store but has anybody got some real life experience with photo and video editing?
  15. Alex, that is brilliant! I am privileged to see the run every year and never grow tired of this amazing event. Your footage captures the spectacle magnificently :notworthy: :notworthy:
  16. That's awesome Dustin! You got some beautiful and amazingly stable footage. Thanks for sharing. Is the creature at 00.34 a sea hare? I recently photographed the same thing in Milne Bay but haven't ID'ed it yet
  17. From this doctor here - Malarone is definitely the best choice. More expensive but totally worth it. Of the three mentioned it has by far the lowest incidence of serious adverse reactions and is overall the best in terms of prophylaxis. Also be aware that Doxycycline can cause severe esophageal burning - seen that several times!
  18. I have a Canon 40D SLR with a Subal housing needing a new home. Both the camera and the housing are in excellent and fully functional condition. Housing comes with a GS viewfinder, leak detector, two N5 bulkheads etc, etc and the camera has all the original accessories. Opportunity for a screaming deal here so pm me with your offer or if you need more info, photos etc. Andre
  19. Aaahhh , my mother-in-law !!!! Never thought I would see her again :crazy: Seriously though I would love to know what that is.
  20. Just be aware that those adaptors add some distance to the position of the wet lens which may affect the optics. You may find, for instance , that your wide angle wet lens vignettes when you use it with an AD or LD mount.
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