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    Inon z240

    hi Todd, do you have pict. for both of them
  2. what sort of flexi arms do you have. how long are they how many pieces is there a tray. what type of camera was it fix on. can you provide pictures of it
  3. i have the YS90DX strobes with a fiber optic which i am using now and it works pretty good on my P/S. i have been using it for about 2 yrs now. what kind of issues are you refering to. can you share with me.
  4. hi Ed, very nice pictures you took with your G10. i have just got a G10 myself and looking for housing. looking at the adaptor, i was wondering if it can be fitted to a marco wide angle lens. i might be interested. which part of Malaysia are you in, i am in Singapore
  5. thanks for the advise. i have been thinking about the G10 too. just one question, can the YS90 strobe with fibre optic be able to attach to the FIX 10 housing, i have not seen the actual housing so i am unsure. if you happen to have pictures of it, can you post them. what do you think of the Bar 10 housing?
  6. hi, i am just wondering if i should upgrade to DSLR or just stay with point and shoot. right now i am using a Canon A640 with a WP - DC8 underwater casing and sea&sea YS90DX strobe for about 2 yrs now and i thought its time for a change but i don't know if i should do it. any opinions or suggestions are welcome. i have been thinking and reading about the G10 for awhile but still unsure if i should switch to G10, if i decide to stick to P/S. the problem with me is, i am not prepare to spend alot of money on a DSLR setup is one reason that is holding back but if i can get one with a reasonable price i will consider. i have the budget for the G10 setup but not quite for a DSLR. although i like to have one. if anybody out there has the same problem as myself and has resolved please give me some help which direction to take. BTY, does any body if there is a new G series coming out. thanks.
  7. majulah47

    Canon G10

    hi, i am interested at a used, good condition Canon G10 with a underwater casing. anybody who is willing to part with can email me at "majulah47@yahoo.com" looking forward.
  8. hi, i have this olympus sp 570 and i am looking for a underwater casing. i was told there is none but i am not convienced if anybody out there who knows please contact me my email "majulah47@yahoo.com"
  9. can you send some pictures inc the arms how much are you asking you can email me at majulah47@yahoo.com
  10. will you sell your strobes seperately. if yes, i like to buy 1 off you and how much.
  11. i have a Canon A640 in good working condition together with the casing WP -DC8. some scratchers on the front of the casing due to knocking on the corals. took this set for about 15 dives and still working great. asking for US420/- any further queries please email me at majulah47@yahoo.com
  12. hi, will you consider to reduce your price if i take all at $25/- each for the arms and $20/- each for the clams
  13. hi, does it come with a diffuser and a fibre optic or synch cord. can you lower the price davisd
  14. can you send me pictures of your strobes. i am from SINGAPORE and let me know what is the postage. my email majulah47@yahoo.com thanks
  15. ok. if you change your mind you can email me at majulah47@yahoo.com
  16. hi, i am interested in your strobes together with your fibre optic how much if you are willing to sell thanks
  17. i am interested in your clams and your 5" and 8" arms let me know how much and what is included please send me pictures if you can
  18. are your items still available
  19. will you sell separately and what are their length. how long have you had these
  20. can you send pictures of your YS90 Auto do you have the arms, if you have what are the length thanks
  21. hi, i have a set of Sea&Sea storbes and looking for extra arms and joints. i was just wondering if yours will be compatilable. is your 4" dovetail straight or slanting. will you sellyour arms without the ULCS adapter.
  22. hi, i am interested in all ecept for your last 2 item. bty is your mounting ball with dovetail a upright one or the slanting. how much are asking i am not familiar with last 2 item can you explain what attachment is that for thank you
  23. hi, i am interested in your INON Z220 strobes ( 2 strobes, 3synch cords,etc ) whats is the best prices you can offer
  24. hi, are you selling the tray and grips.if you are how much are you asking. david
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