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  1. I'll be arriving on Monday, hope to see you guys at some point! Anyone staying at Sunset house?
  2. Steve, just leave you strobes behind for me....I'll take good care of them =) I send Alex a PM last night, I can't wait.
  3. James, I think you are right............What no one wants to tell me how cute my daughter is??? Shame on you all! Ok, I forgive you, but don't let it happen again. got great news today...... I was told I need to be in the Cayman Islands on the 29th for work! I worked out a deal that gets me on the Island on the 26th, so I'll get 3 or 4 days of good diving in before work starts! I am so excited, sorry I had to tell someone! I'll be staying at the Sunset house for the first three days if anyone needs a dive partner.
  4. I received Adobe Photo shop CS4 and Aperture 2.1 loaded on an IMac for xmas I have tried successfully to load 50D Raw files in both programs but I feel like a monkey doing a math problem when it comes to the actual editing. Do any good instructional dvd’s exist on either that you would recommend? Ideally some that addresses common underwater issues? Did I mention this is my first time using a Mac, so far that has not been a problem. About 5 years ago I considered myself fairly decent in Adobe 7 but apparently it’s not like ridding a bike and I have obviously fallen off it. Any information would be appreciated, RK
  5. OK, that's two in NE Florida, maybe they should move up here!
  6. "Thanks Maarten, I'm using a Canon 17-40mm and a Canon 100mm macro. However, the 17-40mm gives some soft edges. I think I'll try a diopter next time. Does anyone know which diopter should be used?" I don't know the answer to the question but I am also interested in the answer.
  7. Tested, not a drop of water...Yeah!!! The pictures are rather soft, I used a 15mm Sigma Fisheye, I have not used this lens in years, I may need to do some tests above water. That or the SS was not enough to slow down my daughter. (no strobes and it was starting to get a little dark). Thanks again guys...
  8. Why do you want either, is the Tokina not working out? Just wondering as I'm looking at the 10-22 and the lens you have today..... Thanks RK
  9. Thanks that makes me feel a lot better, I may take it in the pool tonight and see what happens. Thanks
  10. Now if I could only get the to move out of Florida so I can stop paying tax! =)
  11. When I use an extension port it seems like the outer port could unlock with ease underwater or during entry. Is this normal, do they tighten up under pressure? Compared to the UK Germany or Ike’s ports they seem loose. For clarification, it’s loose on the main housing as well but the sea & sea lock prevents the port from coming loose. I just snagged a Fisheye, custom port, and an extender off ebay. I’m ready to get wet; I just don’t want the camera to get wet. Thanks for your help!
  12. Just thought I would share with anyone who doesn't know Reefphoto.com has great service.....after the sale. I called today, honestly I didn't expect a resolution, but I though why not give them a shot before I spend a day tinkering with this. Kelly did a great job troubleshooting the strobes, the cord, the housing and eventually the camera. They didn't sell me the camera and the troubleshooting didn't stop at that point. She wasn't alone, people in the back ground were helping as well, over all the service was seemless and stellar. Basically they treat customers the way I expect my staff to treats my own, I can't ask for more than that! It's odd I get blown away by service, I hope you as the reader get the same opportunity. Sincerely, Chris
  13. Steve, what port are you using with the Tokina 10-17?
  14. Hi James! How have you been, am I reading this right, you are shooting a Canon now? Still doing the flower garden? I gave Jim's housing to a friend of mine, I think it's actually collecting dust, a shame really, it really worked well for me. Hi Steve, I noticed the NX standard port isn't mentioned as a Canon port, except under the system samples Sea & Sea Who knows, I wish the site included actual sizes for the ports, that might make the process easier. Thank you for the suggestions on the Tokina 10-17, B&H has a used one for under 500, thanks again for the tip. I'm surprised I can't find one on ebay. The focus light you mention below, is this the one? Thank you for your help and the warm welcome back.... Chris
  15. For starters… Glad to see so many of the same people are still around. I had to jump out of the hobby for the past 3 years for reasons that would take too long to explain. I found a great deal on a MDX-40D and a Canon 50D. Previously I had a D30/60 and aUK Germany housing with dual Ikelite strobes. The housing was nice, sending it to Germany was not! I still have the following lenses • Canon 17-40mm L • Canon 100mm Macro • Sigma 15-30mm • Sigma 14mm Fisheye The housing came with a “NX Standard Flat Port” Questions; 1. What if any lens will fit into the NX Standard Flat Port? 2. What lenses / Ports do you recommend? 3. Do any adapters exist to allow you to use other brands of Ports? 4. Can you use Ike strobes with this setup? If not, what do you recommend? 5. Anyone using the Sea & Sea TTL converter? Or the Heinrichs Weikamp ? If so, how well does it work? 6. Any benefit to the Sea & Sea Shutter-Activated Focus Light? Sorry for all the questions but I’m ready to get wet! Chris (RK)
  16. Please contact me @ Chris@reefkeep.com if you have one. Thanks, Chris
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