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  1. my second strap has now died.... and the plate has come off twice.. please suggest a good glue I used superglue and it came off again
  2. antacid great thanks... I did see the other 2 photos u posted sometime back... but cant see the detailed weaving 'path' my partner's face plate dropped off some time back too... but stuck it back w superglue also if u do safety stop w a friend who is also using a heart rate monitor the reading goes bonkers.. I just had a 195bpm reading!! peterbkk I cannot believe it.. u must be v lucky to get a ultimate strap... do u wear your galileo loose? and on wrist or further up your arm? what is your secret? anyone have a solution to calibrate the transmitter??
  3. yup.. my strap broke on one end at 200 dives and is now half broken on the buckle side at 220 dives... antacid can u show detailed way how u weave the threading/braid? also I have a small wrist how do i securely sit it on my arm cos even at the last two buckles it keeps sliding off and dangles at the wrist The transmitter is showing 30 extra bars since 160 dives!! How do I recalibrate it ? Anyone can advise? I email UWATEC but had no answers
  4. Equipment Type: Video Accessories Equipment Brand: Gates Equipment Model: Gates UW Housing Housing Sony HC9 Price (US$): 5000 Description: Gates Underwater Housing with White Balance Control for Sony HDR HC9 with Nipple For Gates Seal Check Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 9 Warranty Status: 24mths since Oct2008 Package/Accessories/Extras: SWP25B Fathom Imaging Signature Super Wide Angle Port Gates White Balance Slate with Loc-Line arm mount Gates Acrylic filters (blue water and green water) x 2 Gates Top Handle Gates 8" Buoyancy Tube Gates Buoyancy Tube Collar (short) Gates Seal Check System with Pelican 1200 Case Original Extra O-Ring Set Fibre-glass and Neoprene customised covers for SWP25B (front+back) Additional Comments: Excellent condition used 5 times since Oct 2008. Only once in 2010. Video Camera avail (optional) if needed.
  5. Can anyone suggest how I can get a more rigid fixture of the float when using the SWP? The float that came with the bungee is always swiveling. Is there a adaptor to sit on top of the housing so it stays put... Thanks
  6. meimei


    Canon G9 Ikelite Housing Dual Handle Tray Ikelite DS125 Strobe Smart Charger Sync cord Ultralight Arms DB-08 x 2 Ultralight Clamps AC-CS x 2 Spare O-ring set asking US$1700 excludes shipping I am in Singapore.
  7. Thanks... Joe also came highly recommended by another friend. However I decided to order from my local shop.. and EVERYTHING is sitting right here by my study desk.... I ordered last week only.. I made the SILLY mistake of buying the FH100 instead of FH70. And I bought 2!!!.. fishballs!!.. The housing cannot take anything more than the FH70 size. Anyone can advise on how to transfer the stuff on our tape to the mac? or highlight the link? Or advise on a preferred way to store the footage and archive method. Its my first videocam so am kindda BLUR... Well I will be playing w my setup tom... sooo sleepy now..
  8. wolfeeldiver Yes I was also recommended Marine Vision but I live in Singapore. do u know if the housing comes with filters? or do i need to order it? seems thet UR Pro filter is add'l cost and not standard as some say it is. do u know? do u need to specify when ordering to have the housing 'ready' for seal check? is there a standard 'outlet nipple' or do we hv to fit it again if we wanna use seal check? Thanks!
  9. What do u mean by PAL vs NTSC? sorry i think it sounds stoopid. Oh so u been to LAH land... i think our local dealer said she can ship it here in a week. dats no issue. I just had lunch w my dive director... aka buddy aka partner... He mentioned since I am the sort happy w a G9 camera not wanting SLR.. I wld be happy to go the way reefnet did w a SR12 instead of HC9. ** oops I just realise Gates dun make housing for SR12!!! The downloading time is a concern and dun think I need to 'exhibit' the wavey videos on a big screen... I feel so press for time!... GP F1 this weekend in LAH land we're gonna get busy!
  10. loading the tape into ntoebook.. do we need to do anything to it before we can start editing?? can it go into iMovie direct and we can start editing?
  11. May I know what's the difference between the Gates GP25A WA Port and the Fathom25 Imaging WA Port? there must be BIG diff as its almost double the px..... My local dealer says the standard gets me only 50% angle and the GP25A gets me 80% (sorry its gonna be my first so i dun know the technical terms v well) I will for sure get the WB Control if I get it. Thanks. When u travel how do u carry it? Do I need to get weights for this housing? Is it Neutral? I am not very strong and my arms get tired easily. Thanks!
  12. yup its fun.. and I only do it amateurly.. for memories sake la.. plus i usually use a music that was played often during the trip cos its meaningful... v v simple ones...
  13. can PM me... but im in Spore. shipping might be an issue
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